Adopted (Niall Horan love story)

She was 18 and her parents died when she was 3. What happens when Zayn Malik's mum adopts her. Will a certain Irish someone make her fall even more in love with him than she already was? Read to find out!!


2. Meeting The Family

Julia's POV

"Julia get your bum down here there is a family coming and they want to meet the older girls so that they can hang out with their son. We need you Katie and Lizzy to get down here!!!" My foster mum yelled at me. Wait they want to adopt an older kid? Holy fudge-nuggets!!!"I'm coming mum!!"I yell. Running down the stairs. "Is their son coming to?" I ask. "No." Mum replies. "Okay well I hope I get adopted tho I will miss you guys very much if I do!" I scream. Mum chuckles "okay I will miss you too honey." mum says then the family walks in seeing us 3 older girls and smiling and I can't help but feel.... That I have seen these people somewhere before I just don't remember where.

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