Taken In

Innocent and delicate Nicole is living her peaceful and basic life as always, she suddenly gets interested in a what seems to be a shy and cute guy at her school named "Justin". What will happen when she learns that hes not all that he seems? Will their relationship become stronger or weaker? Read to find out!


2. The Project


I had woken up as usual and gotten dressed, not even bothering to take a shower considering I had already taken a shower the night before. All I had heard was arguing and yelling. I got dressed into this: 

I didn't bother to eat, I never seem to be hungry in the mornings anyways. I just sighed and left for school.

At School

I had walked in with my head low not wanting to catch any girls attention. Yet they always seem to stare at me, which I don't understand but oh well. I headed straight to my first period and sat in the far back of the class room. As I sat down, I noticed two girls giggling and whispering to each other as they looked at me. I looked away and noticed a girl walk in- a gorgeous girl at that. Her name is "Nicole". I've always had a crush on her since she started coming here at the beginning of the year. She just walked in and sat by one of her few friends Courtney, and began chatting. Every time she smiled I automatically did as well. Mr. Smith began talking to the class, interrupting my thoughts of Nicole.


I walked into my first period and felt like I was being examined but pushed the thought in the back of my mind as I greeted my friend Courtney. We began talking about our plans for the weekend considering today was Friday, but then Mr.Smith began speaking causing us to focus on him. 

Mr. Smith: "Alright, alright, quiet down class. I have exciting news for you all. I want you guys to partner up and study an animal and prepare a 30 slide power point on the animal of your choice!"


Everyone had groaned but I didn't mind too much considering I would obviously work with Courtney.

Mr. Smith: "Buuuuuuut! I am choosing your partners!"

Nicole: "Oh my gosh.."

Courtney: "Seriously..? Kill Me.."

Mr. Smith: "Okay okay quit complaining! I am going to start choosing. Karlie you'll be working with Jake! Dylan you'll be working with Angela!"


As he went down the line some people were happy and some not so much. Courtney had been paired with her crush Tristan so she was just peachy.


Mr. Smith: "Courtney with Tristan! , Sarah with Joey , Nicole you're with.. hmmm.. Justin! and Lauren and Kyle!"


As he said Justin I didn't groan and I wasn't happy either. I barley knew Justin considering I had never heard him speak. So I had took it upon myself to talk to him.


Nicole: "Hey! Have you thought of an animal yet?"

Justin: *just looks at Nicole*


He didn't say anything which made me feel a bit insecure. Finally he opened his mouth..


Justin: "Hi, and no. Have you?"

Nicole: "Nope! But if you want to come over tonight at my place and work on it a bit we could. Unless you're already busy considering it is Friday?"

Justin: "Nope, I can come."

Nicole: "Okay you can ride home with me!"

Justin: "O-okay."



I just smiled and walked away. Does he not like me? Do I smell funny? 



When Mr.Smith was telling the class who their partners were I had already started to hate this project. I don't really work well with others. He had said Courtney and Tristan were partner then said Nicole and I were. What? I think I heard wrong. Then all of a sudden Nicole came up to me and talked to me. I was too focused on her beauty to hear what she had said and felt kind of stupid looking at her like she was some model. I had finally spoke, and before I knew it Nicole said she would take me to her house. Oh please God allow me to not act like a complete weirdo.


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