Taken In

Innocent and delicate Nicole is living her peaceful and basic life as always, she suddenly gets interested in a what seems to be a shy and cute guy at her school named "Justin". What will happen when she learns that hes not all that he seems? Will their relationship become stronger or weaker? Read to find out!


1. Nicole's Morning


As I woke up to the sound of my alarm going off, I rolled over and hit snooze. I had gotten up knowing that both my parents were already at working considering their workaholics. *sigh* I hopped into the shower and quickly washed everything on my body. Once I had finished I dried myself and changed into my underwear and bra and began to head over to my closet. I had choose to wear this for school: 

As soon as I had gotten dressed I allowed my hair to be natural for the day which is a beach wave look. I jogged into the kitchen and look for breakfast when I noticed a note on the counter.

"Sorry there is no food, shopping once I get off work. Promise! -Mom" 

Nicole: "Ugh, ya that'll be never"

Don't get me wrong I love my parents and all but I just feel like my life is so boring and I don't even have the chance o tel them. I had realized I needed to be heading to school so i just grabbed my backpack and got in my car and headed for school to live another simple and boring life.

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