Taken In

Innocent and delicate Nicole is living her peaceful and basic life as always, she suddenly gets interested in a what seems to be a shy and cute guy at her school named "Justin". What will happen when she learns that hes not all that he seems? Will their relationship become stronger or weaker? Read to find out!


3. Is Something Wrong With Me?


I was waiting by the front doors, as where Nicole had asked me to meet up with her to walk to her car considering I don't know what it looks like. As I was thinking about how this "study session" would play out, I felt a small hand tap my shoulder. I turned around and it was Nicole. I had felt tall. Nicole's forehead had perfectly aligned with my lips. Perfect height for me to kiss her perfectly tan forehead. Nicole had interrupted my thoughts asking: 


Nicole: "Are you ready?"

Justin: "Yeah"


We rode to Nicole's house in a silence. Not an awkward silence, but a comforting one. When we reached her home we pulled into the driveway. Her home was perfectly sized. Not small but not large.:

We had walked in and it smelled... light. A happy smell. 


Justin: "I like your home, it's quiet."

Nicole: "Haha, I hate the quiet. It's always quiet, too quiet."

Justin: " My house is never quiet."

Nicole: "Wanna trade homes? Haha."

Justin: "You wouldn't want to.."


-No Body's View-


Nicole hadn't quit heard what Justin had last mumbled and decided to push it off. As Nicole and Justin got settled they began working on their project nearly 15 minutes had passed and there was a knock on the door.


Nicole: "That's weird.."


Nicole answered and it was a large man dressed in all black breathing heavily..


Nicole: "Ugh, may I help you sir?"

Sir: "Ya, is my nephew Justin here?!"


Nearly yelling through Nicole's house.


Nicole: "Y-yes, would you like me to get him for you?"

Sir: "I'll just do it myself!"


The man had shoved Nicole to the ground and stomped through Nicole's home.



Nicole's doorbell had rung. Nicole said that it was weird and as for me I had a sudden terrible feeling in my stomach. I heard yelling and decided to get up and look and see what was going on. But before I had a chance to even exit the living room, I saw my dreadful uncle "Tom". Tom had started to scream at me..:



Justin: "I'm working on a pr-"


Justin: "I- I'm sorry I just tho-"



And with that he grabbed the back of my neck and we exited Nicole's house.




After they left I didn't even get a chance to say goodbye. They left so quickly Justin forgot his things. It must have been urgent. I packed his note book and pencil in his small worn out bag and placed it by the door. Justin had given me his number before that man had came so I decided to text him.


To: Justin ; From: Nicole

Hey! You left so quickly you forgot your things. I have them here and will give them to you the next time I see you. Which reminds me, when would you like to work again? -Nicole


I had decided to spend my night watching movies in my room. I picked Bridesmaids to watch. I had checked my phone and Justin hadn't responded. I looked at the clock and it was 4:02 p.m. I fell asleep 20 minutes into the movie. I had woken up from my nap and looked at my alarm clock, it was 6:23 p.m. I grabbed my phone and still no text from Justin. Hm, maybe I have the wrong number? I decided to go downstairs to see if my parents were home. And they were, but asleep. I didn't understand why they always worked. As i was walking back to my bedroom I began to wonder if it was because of me that they didn't want to be home. I entered my room and cried myself to sleep.




My whole weekend had passed with no response from Justin. I was a bit upset, and didn't really understand why. That whole school week had gone by and Justin wasn't at school at all. I began to worry. I headed home on yet another Friday night with no plans. I was at home for at least 2 hours when my doorbell rang. I opened the door and there he stood. Justin. Until now I hadn't notice how... gorgeous he was. The sun had perfectly hit his toned body. Justin then interrupted my thoughts:


Justin: *scratches back of his neck* Uh, hey"

Nicole: "Uh... hi?"

Justin: "Look.. I am so sorry about not answering you're text I ju-"

Nicole: "Why didn't you?"  

Justin: "I had family things to take care of. Didn't really have time."

Nicole: "Well I guess I couldn't be mad at you for that huh? What happened?"

Justin: "Uh, my grandma.. she died."

Nicole: "AWH! I'm so sorry!" *goes for hug*

Justin: *Flinches*

Nicole: "Justin are you okay..?"

Justin: "Uh, yeah. I just came to apologize.."

Nicole: "Oh, well all is forgiven. Here are you're things!"

*hands him his worn bag*

Justin: "You didn't read my notebook did you?!"

Nicole: "N-no..?"

Justin: "Oh, okay. Well thanks again" *begins to walk away*

Nicole: "Wait!"

Justin: *turns* "Yeah?"

Nicole: "When can we study again?"

Justin: "Tomorrow.. at 10 a.m. ?"

Nicole: "Sounds good!" *Nicole smiles*

*Justin smiles*


Wow.. his smile.. I can't even explain. I had never seen him smile before, but I sure did want to see it more often.



I had heard knocking. What time was is? I looked over and noticed it was 10:15 a.m. Sh*t! I ran downstairs in nothing but my tight fitting underwear and a tank top. Once I opened the door and noticed Justin, I suddenly became insecure realizing how much of my body was exposed.




I had woken up at 8 a.m. that morning to make sure I wouldn't be late. Once again I woke up to yelling. I got dressed and walked downstairs and a girl about my age was batting her eyes at me. Ew. I'm not really all that shy around girls. I usually am really good around them. A little too good. Yes I've "Done It' before.. more times then I would like to admit actually. I headed out the door and reached Nicole's with 5 minutes to spare. 20 minutes had gone by of me knocking, and just as I was about to turn around and walk away with shame, the door flew open. Nicole was in some tight fitting underwear and a tank top. And to be honest, it was hard to contain my thoughts and what was urging to grow in my pants. As Nicole apologized multiple times I had just chuckled. Realizing my confidence I just put my head down, thinking about how adorable she was when she was flustered. Nicole was different from any girl. One day I was over listening to her and a friends conversation. And all I had heard was basic and simple. So that's what I was going to be around her to get her to like me. 


-No Body's View-


2 weeks had gone by and Nicole and Justin had frequently worked at Nicole's house. Nicole had felt he was holding something back. But she couldn't figure it out. Justin had grown close to Nicole but felt bad about not letting her know the "real" him. Nicole would always ask why they couldn't go to his home but he would suddenly become down and just say his house was under construction. Then during yet another study session Nicole had gotten up to get the popcorn out of the microwave, but when she returned Justin was gone. And so were his things. Nicole had decided to text him and ask where he was: 


To: Justin ; From: Nicole

Hey, where did you run off too?



*No Response*

Nicole Had decided to go to bed. 





Once again Justin disappeared! Ugh! I decided to go to the office after the last bell rang on Friday. 

Secretary: "May I help you?"

Nicole: "Uhm, yes. I need the address of a students home."

Secretary: "I am sorry, but I am not allowed to do so."

Nicole: "No, no please he's my partner for an important project and its an emergency! pleessee."


And with that she wrote it down for me. I ran to my car and headed to the designated area. Once I turned onto the street I became a bit scared. Many homes looked vacant and dirty. I was looking for house 148.





Was this really it? It looked so small, but decided to get out anyways. Once I shut my car door, I heard dogs barking and a large amount of yelling. I walked up to the door and knocked lightly. The door opened and a familiar face came into view. Tom. 



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