Taken In

Innocent and delicate Nicole is living her peaceful and basic life as always, she suddenly gets interested in a what seems to be a shy and cute guy at her school named "Justin". What will happen when she learns that hes not all that he seems? Will their relationship become stronger or weaker? Read to find out!


7. I'll Always Be Here

Nicole had gave Justin the keys to her father's Yukon, giving him 100% trust in him. As Justin was driving to his soon to be old home, Nicole detected something was wrong. Justin kept gripping the wheel tightly and breathing heavily, Nicole just figured he was nervous so she just let it go. 

Upon arriving to Justin's uncles house, Nicole got an all to familiar feeling. And just as the last time she was there, all she heard throughout the neighborhood was yelling and continuous dog barking. 

Justin begged Nicole to stay in the car but she refused. As Justin walked into his uncle's home he prayed that he just wouldn't be home. But sadly his prayers weren't answered.

"Nicole, please go to the car.." Justin begged. "No, I want to be with you. I told you I wasn't going anywhere." Nicole grabbed tightly onto Justin's arm as she heard someone yelling.

Suddenly, Tom was standing in front of them heavily breathing. "What the hell are you doing, kid?" Justin suddenly became worried. Knowing his uncle only called him kid when he was about to get a near to death punishment. Justin swallowed. "I-I am moving out." Tom became furious in a matter of seconds. Tom lunged forward towards Justin. He began repeatedly hitting Justin in any place possible.

Nicole began to freak out, she knew better than to get in between them. She had to think fast. Suddenly, she noticed a gun sitting on the coffee table. She ran to it and remembered seeing how actors would hold them on t.v. She came up with a thought in her head. She decided if she looked like she knew how to work a gun and point it him but most of all, threaten him out of Justin's life. 

Nicole jogged over to Tom on top of Justin. "Hey!" Nicole screamed, then she shot the gun in the air. Tom stopped and looked at her. "What is a little girl like you doing with something so dangerous?"

Nicole tryed to quickly think of how Justin had made her uncomfortable before, his facial expressions, and the words he used. She decided to be brave and be there for Justin as she promised.

Nicole stepped closer to Tom and pointed the gun at him. "What is a fat piece of shit doing hitting my boyfriend?" A smirk grew on her face for two reasons. One she was proud of herself and two she realized how scared Tom suddenly became. 

Nicole: "What? Now you don't have anything to say? Well let me fill in the silence. You're going to let Justin get all his things and when we leave, you WILL NOT look for us. Got it?"

Tom: "O-kay."

With that Nicole and Justin left with all of Justin's things. They sat in the car at a stop light.

Nicole: "Jay..?"

Justin: "What did you just call me..?"

Nicole: "I'm sorry I ju-"

Justin pulled over. "No no no,you can call me that. My mom used to call me that." He smiled a bit and grabbed Nicole's hand and kissed it lightly. Nicole spoke up. "You know.. we have another house. Way into the woods. It's private and quiet. Something I think you need.

Justin was uneasy. "What about school? You have to go to school." Nicole was confused why was she the only one who had too? "Why do I just have too?" Justin confessed "Well sometimes when I would be gone from school I would work." Nicole lit up "Ohh that's exciting!" Justin realized "You know a princess shouldn't have to work. And I won't allow you too. So wheres this quiet and private house?" Nicole put the address into his GPS and quickly fell asleep considering the GPS said it would take 2 hours to get there. 

As Nicole was silently sleeping Justin would frequently look over to admire her beauty. He couldn't help his thoughts. He waned Nicole and wanted her bad. The way she would do anything for her.. he wanted to thank her in return the best way he could.. sex. But he decided not until she told him she loved her. He knew he loved her but did she?




Thank you to my readers, let me know what you guys think! :) xx

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