Taken In

Innocent and delicate Nicole is living her peaceful and basic life as always, she suddenly gets interested in a what seems to be a shy and cute guy at her school named "Justin". What will happen when she learns that hes not all that he seems? Will their relationship become stronger or weaker? Read to find out!


5. Acceptance.


Oh my gosh! Justin and I were dating! He seemed pretty happy and more relaxed before he left. He still hadn't told me where and who his bruises were from, and considering I was his girlfriend, I deserved to know. Right? After sitting there and thinking I got ready for bed. Once I got comfortable in bed, I closed my eyes. Then suddenly my iPhone screen lit up:


Hey, beautiful :)


He really thought I was beautiful?


To: Boyfriend <3 ; From: Princess;)

Hey :) You get home safe?


To: Princess;) ; From: Boyfriend <3

Lol, you're sexy when you worry ;) It kinda turns me on, kinda like earlier. ;)


To: Boyfriend <3 ; From: Princess;)

Oh gosh.. be quiet. But that still doesn't answer my question.


To: Princess;) ; From: Boyfriend <3'

Yes baby. I'm home.. safe. Miss you already. Can I come over 2moro? I have stuff 2 tel u.


To: Boyfriend <3 ; From: Princess;)

Of coarse! :) Miss you more, see u tomorrow :) night! x


To: Princess;) ; From: Boyfriend <3

Sweetdreams, sweetheart. xx


And with that I plugged my phone onto the charger, I was kind of worried about what he had to tell me. So I pushed the though into the back of my mind and quickly fell asleep thinking of Justin.


The next day I wore tight hollister shorts and a white tank top. Simple right? I was eating cereal when I heard the door bell. A feeling of so much happiness flew through me, I jogged to the door and opened it. There he was.. my gorgeous boyfriend. He wore ripped jean pants with blue supras to match his blue tank top. This boy knew how to dress. I started to feel a bit insecure thinking of his presence over mine.




I woke up at 8 that morning and quickly got dressed. I ran out the door towards Nicole's house, just thinking about how gorgeous she was going to look. I finally reached Nicole's home and knocked, Nicole answered, she looked so gorgeous as I said she would. She was just examining me, so I began to think I should have worn something different. Does she not like my outfit? So I spoke up:


Justin: "Hey princess" *kisses forehead*

Nicole: "Hello" *blushes*

Justin: "I want you to sit down when I explain this all"

Nicole: "Uh.. o-okay."


Nicole was irresistible when she was nervous and didn't know what to do.. maybe that's why I can't resist her, or control myself like I always am able to. Nicole was looking at me with desperation waiting for me to speak. :


Justin: "I understand if you wan't to break up when I tell you. okay?"


She just sat there, so I decided to tell her. Everything. To how my uncle Tom abuses me if I do the slightest thing wrong. How I use to be into drugs and sex when my parents passed. To how terrible my home life is. As I was about to finish I looked up at Nicole and saw that she was covering her mouth with tears flowing down her face. I immediately felt disturbed and went to her. I grabbed her in my arms and rubbed her back. That's when she spoke up:


Nicole: "How would you think that I would want to break up with you..? You need me more than ever! And I promise Justin I'l be here for you. You can live here!"

Justin: "Really?! Are you sure?!"

Nicole: "Yes, of coarse! Let me call my parents."


Nicole left the room to speak to her parents. I was so happy that she still had excepted me. A few minutes passed and she came in with a huge smile on her face. I immediately ran up to her I picked her up and spun her around and thanked her a million times. Finally my life would be normal. Nicole said she was going to put her shoes on and then use her dad's Yukon to go get my things. Man this girl is unbelievable, I had only one worry left on my mind. How Tom would react to my leaving..

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