I'm a different girl

Jane is a half vampire half human teenage girl who hates one direction. Until she has to spend a day with one of them and she thinks she might be falling for him, but when the vampire compound find out she is with a human they'll do anything to get her back. Why?
*There will be cursing and death*


4. What just happened?

It took me about 2 seconds to realize what was going on, and I immediately pulled back. I looked in his eyes i saw happiness, and more curiosity. Surely not for me, i mean i had felt something when we kissed but I didn't know what it was.

"I'm so sorry" Zayn said.

Well there's my answer he didnt like me.

"I think you should go"

"Look i'm sorry i really didn't mean to...."

"Just go" I said.

Zayn stood up and left out the window like the way he came. I sat there in my bed and thought about what had just happened was it possible that he liked me...? NO it's not remember what happened with Dave. I closed my eyes and laid down. All I wanted to do was sleep.

Zayns POV

Wow I just kissed her. I felt sparks and her heart sped up. She's not normal though. She's different I know she is, but different in a good way. She's not like the other girls, she didnt jump me she pulled away. Which just made me more interested in her. Now I had to know.. Does she like me?

Janes POV

I woke  up the next morning to the smell of... roses? I sat up and looked in my dresser sure enough there sat a black rose. There was even a little note attached to it. I already knew who it was from, Zayn. The note was to let me down easy to tell me the kiss didnt mean anything. I picked up the rose and smelt it, wow it was a real rose, a real black rose. I picked up the note and read it.

      "Dear Jane I want you to know that i dont regret kissing you last night. It was wrong but i really do like you, i'm hoping you will give me another chance to actually talk to you. If you want to hang out today text me. My numbers on the bottom of the card.


I picked up my phone, and entered his number. I sat there with my thumb hovering over the send button. Finally I hit send, all the text said was sure.


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