I'm a different girl

Jane is a half vampire half human teenage girl who hates one direction. Until she has to spend a day with one of them and she thinks she might be falling for him, but when the vampire compound find out she is with a human they'll do anything to get her back. Why?
*There will be cursing and death*


8. What have I done?

     I woke up and sat up immediately. My body was shaking and I was gasping for air. Yet again another nightmare, Zayn sat up and started rubbing my back. I slapped his hand away

"Dont touch me." I said I still didnt trust him. "What are you doing here Zayn." I asked as I stood up. 

"What are you talking about love?" he questioned.

"Don't call me love. Look im sorry last night was great, but but You cant be part of my life. I've trusted people before and all they ever do is let you down."

 "Wait lo.... sorry what is there to let you down about."

 "Look Zayn just.. just go."

He stood up and came towards me. I backed away, I looked into his eyes he was upset I could tell.

"Okay" was the last thing he said before he left.

I sat there with tears in my eyes. What did I just do? He may have been the best thing to ever happen to me, so why am I pushing him away? I knew the answer. I didn't know if I could trust him. I wanted to believe i could but with what happened with Dave I just don't know. 7:00 a clock. I realized i should get ready for school. So I dressed in my usual black clothing

     I had people all day coming to me asking me if I actually had a date. When I replied "Oh I don't know" people seemed to believe that meant no. Which I guess was a good thing, or not. It was near the end of school, and all the teachers had gone home.

"Well guess who's a little liar." Courtney came around one of the corners with her crew.

"What the hell are you talking about?"

 "Oh i think you know little miss I have a date to prom. What he do dump you already?"

 "Oh shut the hell up Courtney."

 "What did you just say." She walked up to me and pushed me. Hard. My head hit against the wall,  then the ground. I could feel blood running down my head. I got up and decided to walk off. I knew I couldnt fight back, if i did i might kill her. "Hey were do you think your going?" Courtney half yelled. She grabbed me by my arm and spun me around. She punched me, I hit the floor andshe started to kick me. By this time there were people all around us. I managed to kick her legs out so she fell. I got up and just ran. As much as I would like to put her in her place I'm not a murderer. I didn't like to hurt people.

I got home and looked into my car mirror I still had blood running down my head. I walked into the house, my mom was passed out on the couch. I ran straight upstairs into my room. I gasped I saw Zayn sitting on bed. I saw his eyes go wide, obviously he was worried about the blood rushing down my head. He got up pulled me in the room and closed the door. I hung my head down, he put his finger under my chin pulled my head up. I looked into his soft brown eyes, he was examining my head.

"What happened?" He asked

I couldn't help it I collapsed into his arms. He pulled me close, I felt my feet leave the ground. Before I knew it Zayn was carrying me to the bathroom. He sat me on the toilet and got a wet rag. He knelt down in front of me and wiped the blood from my head. I pushed his hand away, not liking feeling helpless

 "Stop! Would you let me help you." he half yelled.

He went back to cleaning the blood, as to see I had no choice I let him.

"What happened Jane? And do not tell me nothing." he asked

"I started a fight at school." I said. He looked in my eyes like he was studying me.

"No you didn't. You may have been in one, but you didn't start it." he said softly "so tell me what really happened." 

"Nothing happened." I said with a little bit more force.

I got up to walk off, and he grabbed me by my wrist. I flinched. I'd been beaten at home and school, so I guess it was a natural reaction.

"Look I can tell something happened. You just flinched when I grabbed your wrist. You know I would never do anything to hurt you." 

"Fine" I said "but I'm going to my room."

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