I'm a different girl

Jane is a half vampire half human teenage girl who hates one direction. Until she has to spend a day with one of them and she thinks she might be falling for him, but when the vampire compound find out she is with a human they'll do anything to get her back. Why?
*There will be cursing and death*


6. Really?

     I got up the next morning. Great time for school, I thought. I got up and looked around my room. Wow. There were black roses all over my room. The floor was covered, my dresser, and ,my bed. Of course one of the ones on the dresser held a note. I got up careful not to step on any roses, and picked up the rose, and the note. 

     "Dear Jane, yet again I am awed by you. I don't care that you are a vampire. I think it makes you more amazing than you are and i didn't think that was possible. I will see you this weekend my love."

I checked the time 6:30 an hour before school. I started getting ready black tank top. black jeans, and black boots. Since i'm half vamp my taste has changed, I like the color black and some of the food i eat tastes so bland. 

I got to school at 7:15, 15 minutes to spare. Thats when I saw her by my locker. Courtney that blonde bimbo, what did she want this time? Courtney was the popular girl who everyone loved and looked up to, except me. She was like me, she was different, except not vampire. She was a spell caster, but she knew one spell. She would use a spell on her eyes that when a guy looked into them they fell instantly in love. To get rid of them simply snap your fingers. She stole my boyfriend 5 years ago, and anyone after that i liked she snatched up. I walked up to my locker and heard her say

"So Victoria will you be going to prom?" she asked just loud enough for me to hear.

"Excuse me" I said

"Oh Jane sorry didn't see you there, so I guess you'll be skipping prom again this year?" 

"Actually no I was planning on going this year." 

"Oh really. Well isnt going alone kind of last year?"

 "Actually no I wont be going alone I have a date." I said then walked off. No i didn't have a date. Maybe I could ask Zayn?

Zayns Pov

I tried to sneak into the apartment quietly. Louis walked out of his room

. "Zaynnn!!!" He yelled then tackled me to the ground.

I saw Niall, and Harry walk out of the bedrooms. Liam was out visiting his girlfriend in San Diego she broke her leg. 

"Um Louis do you mind getting off me"

 "Oh sorry mate"

 "Zayn where ya been we went to get you up, but you were gone." Niall asked.

"Oh well I was."

  "Stop right there" Harry said cutting me off "You were with that girl." He said smiling.

I started to blush "Well actually just in her room. I planted her a little suprise." I said while smirking "I really want to do something special, but I don't know what to do."

 "Well tell us about her." Niall said.

I explained to them how she was a normal girl, she was pretty, amazing, funny, she hated roller coasters, and she went to Lincoln Highschool, I decided to leave out the vampire part.

"Mate don't you think dating a fan could be.... bad? I mean I've done it." Harry said

"Funny thing actually she doesn't like One Direction." They both looked puzzled.

"I've got it!" Louis yelled. "There having a prom in about 2 weeks ask her!" I thought for a second.

"That'd be perfect I could  take her on a some dates before then, get to know her, and I've got the perfect way to ask her."


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