I'm a different girl

Jane is a half vampire half human teenage girl who hates one direction. Until she has to spend a day with one of them and she thinks she might be falling for him, but when the vampire compound find out she is with a human they'll do anything to get her back. Why?
*There will be cursing and death*


22. Letters and Lies


     I dropped my fangs down, and looked at Zayn.

"Get in the car and get to my house now." I said in a hushed tone

"No I'm not leaving you." 

"Zayn I'm not asking you I'm telling you."

Zayn got in his car and drove off. I turned around to the three wolves. Only then did I notice the eye color. Light blue with Black.. just like mine. But I was a vampire. Not a werewolf. I didn't have anymore time to think before one of them jumped at me I moved to the left and dodged him. He came back but I kicked him in the side. I probably broke something. One down two to go. One of the other ones charged at me and I lunged to the left. Bad idea. My stitches in my side ripped. I looked down at my side. Blood was staining my shirt already. I pulled out a throwing knife and threw it. I hit him right in the paw. It howled out in agony and ran off. Two down one to go. The last one was Dave, I could tell. He tackled me and pinned me to the ground. I kneed him in the side and he rolled off. I took out 2 more throwing knifes and my blade. I threw the first knife and it missed. He charged at me again, and I pulled my blade. There was gash on its forehead now. I took my last blade and threw it. I hit him right on the shoulder he ran off. I turned around and felt blood oozing down my head. I sprinted home knowing Damen would be pissed..

     I got home within 10 minutes. I opened the front door quietly and rushed up the stairs, and into my room. 3 pairs of eyes landed on me. Zayn, Damen, and Liam. Damen was the first to step forward.

"Oh my god Jane. What happened?" 


Damen pulled me into the bathroom and started wiping my head. Deja vu. Liam walked in and looked at Damen.

"She's going to need stitches." I glared at him.

"Can you do it?" Damen asked

"Only if she'll let me." Liam said looking at me.

Damen looked to me for an answer.


We walked back into my room where Zayn still was. He gave me a light hug and kissed me on the head. I sat on the bed while Liam pulled out stitches. He began stitching up head.

     He finally finished my head and Damen glanced at my side.

"Jane..." Damen said giving me a questioning look.

I pulled my shirt up far enough so they could see the cut. Damen looked and Liam who looked at me while I was looking at Damen.

"How long will it take to stitch it up?" Damen asked.

"10-20 minutes." Damen nodded his head and Liam began stitching my side back up.

     After he was done Zayn had to leave he gave me a hug goodbye.

"Damen.." I said quietly.


"Why are you lying to me?" I asked

. "Jane you know us vampires cant lie."

  "Damen don't play dumb with me! What aren't you telling me??" Damen looked at me.

"Damen... why do werewolves have the same colored eyes as me?" Damen sighed and looked at me.

"Jane it's complicated and..." I cut him off.

"Tell me now or I'll go ask Lauren." (Damens wife who died

"Jane please this really is complicated." I shrugged my shoulders.

"Fine." I went to walk out the door.

"You can't find her Jane."

  "Why not?" I questioned.

"Because Brandon killed her..." I froze.

What? The closest person I had to and older sister, a mom, a friend. And she's dead.. I turned around my eyes black and light blue, and my teeth clenched.


"Jane calm down, and I'll explain everything."

     After he finished explaining everything I asked

"Ok now tell me why my eyes are the same color as a werewolf."

"Ok so you aren't a normal vampire, and you arent a full vampire either..."

"What does that even mean?" I asked.

" Your mom was a werewolf and your dad was a vampire. As you know we don't exactly get along with the, we practically hate each other, but for some unknown reason they didn't. They fell in love. They of course knew that it would never be allowed. When you first born you were only half werewolf half human. That night that your dad was taken, when the men came and took you they thought you were all human. That night Grandmaster Smith bit you. Ever since that day you've been half and half." 

"Ok.. so why do we need to go see Grandmaster Smith?" Damen hesitated.

"He's got a letter from your dad... " 

"Alright lets go then." Was all I said.

     We arrived at the vampire compound within 20 minutes. It was the same. I knew most of the vampires were still there from the last time I had been there. I walked in, and felt every pair of eyes land on me. Everyone gasped, except for one person. Ashley. I always did like her she was blonde with amazing blue eyes. She smiled and winked at me. I would definitely have to catch up with her later. I hadnt seen her since I left a few years ago. I heard a door open to my left. Grandmaster Smith. He nodded at me, and Damen and I followed him. We walked into the room and he closed the door.

"Jane. You've grown so much."

The Grandmaster was old, and when I say old I mean like ancient. Vampires dont age, but our body does it just takes a long long long time. He had a long gray beard with gray hair. He looked like a regular old guy.

"Still not a full vampire yet eh?" The Grandmaster had a German accent.


"Grandmaster if I may ask you a quesiton."

We had been talking about different things for about and hour.


"If any vampire attempts to kill another vampire, or a human they can be killed for it. Right?" I questioned

"Correct. Why do you ask?"  I lowered my voice.

"Brandon has attempted to kill me, and a human." The Grandmaster looked at me.

"Jane have you fallen in love with a mortal."

I looked down not wanting to face the Grandmaster.

"Jane look at me."

I looked at the Grandmaster. He put a finger to his lips

"I wont tell if you dont."

I looked at him with a shocked expression.

"I too fell in love with a mortal. I was with her until she took her last breath." 

"Thank you." 

"Now lets get to what you came here for."

Damen, the Grandmaster and I all stood. Damen put his hand on my shoulder. I looked at him and he nodded. The Grandmaster came back with a letter in his hand. He handed me the letter and sat down, so did Damen. They both watched me.

"Your father gave me this letter the night before he died. He told me to wait until you were 18, but I think you are old enough now."

I opened the letter.
                                                  Dear Jane
                   I love you so much. You are the best daughter that a father could have wished for. I'm sure you have grown into a beautiful girl. If you are reading this now then I assume you are looking for answers. I'm sure Damen has already explained some of this to you. Here's what you want to know. Grandmaster Smith and Damen promised too look out for you, and protect you. The night I was killed, it was because I wouldn't let  them take you. They wanted to kill you. I was a vampire and your mother was a werewolf. Our love was forbidden, but we fell in love anyways. When you were born we were lucky you lived. There were vampires and werewolves before us who fell in love. When they had a baby it  died every time. It was because the baby was half werewolf and half vampire. The two sides do not coincide, the genetics attack each other until the baby died. You were half werewolf half human until you were bitten. You have until your 19th birthday to choose or your body will battle itself until you die. The next part I am going to tell is going to be hard. Your mother and I wouldn't let them take you, or kill you. When you were first born we brought you home and you slept in the room with us in your crib. Brandon snuck into the house looking to kill you. Your mother protected you. Unfortunately Brandon killed your mother for protecting you.....

I stooped reading and I froze. My mother and father were both killed because of me. I dropped the letter and ran out of the room.

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