I'm a different girl

Jane is a half vampire half human teenage girl who hates one direction. Until she has to spend a day with one of them and she thinks she might be falling for him, but when the vampire compound find out she is with a human they'll do anything to get her back. Why?
*There will be cursing and death*


31. Alive

     On the way back to the house we tried to come up with any possible plan that could stop anything. I was already bound to have to marry him, unless I could prove everything he's done. Unfortunately he had covered his tracks well.

"What if we tried..." I trailed off.

We had just arrived at the guys house, and after opening the door I saw the three guys standing in the middle of the room with Zayn. I lost all train of thought. We stood there, simply staring at each other. Not sure what to do. I glanced at his hand and noticed the gauze and the wrap. When I looked up at him though, he wasn't looking at me, he was looking at my neck. I knew he was staring at the bruises. He immediately stormed off, into another room. I flinched as I heard the door slam. Harry was the first to break the silence.

"Uh, Jane. Isn't that Courtney? The cause of all our problems?" He questioned.

"Boys, please join me at the table." I said

Only after everyone was sat down, did I begin the long story of just about everything.

     "Okay I'm not too sure I can process much more of this." Harry said while pinching the bridge of his nose.

"Look its late, we've got a lot to figure out and plan. Jane why don't you and Courtney head back to your place and we'll regroup tomorrow at our house." Liam said.

"Alright, let me grab my dress so I can take it back with me." I replied

I stood up and headed to the room I'd woken up in, when I had woken up I was no longer in my form fitted vampire dress. I opened the door and let it close behind me. I saw the dress hanging on top of the close door, and went to get it. Before I took my second step someone grabbed me and pinned me to the wall. I gasped but I recognized Zayn's scent. He had me backed against the wall with his arm on either side of my head, caging me in.

"Jane, I know you probably hate me right now, I hate me. And I don't mean because of last night. I've been distant and moody and I'm so sorry. When I saw you walk in tonight I was so happy. I thought that I had lost you, but when I saw your neck I was afraid I would hurt you again. I know it wasn't technically me, but it still scared me. I promised you I would never hurt you, but I did. Whatever it was you said or did last night, it brought me back towards reality. I blacked out for a few seconds and next thing I knew the guys were dragging me back and Liam was kneeling next you. You were unconscious, he picked you up and carried you to another room. I shut myself in my room for the next few hours. I let Harry in and he told me what I had done. I punched the mirror, they insisted on going to the hospital so I went. I kept thinking to myself you'd be better off without me. But then I realized that I can't do that. I love you too much. I want you to know I am so sorry whether it was me or not. And now I want you to know that I'm going to kiss you." Zayn said, and leaned forward.

Whatever protest I had died as soon as his lips met mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck and his wound around my waist pulling me closer. After the kiss ended, he pulled me into a tight hug.

"I love you so much." He whispered

"I love you too." I replied.

     As I walked out of the room I had my dress in one hand, and Zayn's hand in my other. I looked at Harry, he smiled and nodded. Zayn walked me to the door, but stopped short when he saw Courtney. She gave him a small apologetic smile, and he nodded.

"I'll see you tomorrow." I said

He gave me a quick kiss, then Courtney and I were out the door.


     Around 8:00 the next morning, Courtney and I got up and headed over to the guys house. Zayn let us in and pulled me to the side.

"Do you know what today is love?" He asked.

"Yeah it's the eleventh, isn't it?" I questioned

"Exactly which means it's your birthday!" Zayn exclaimed.

With everything going on, how had I forgotten my own birthday?

"And since it's your birthday I have a gift for you." Zayn continued.

Before I could protest he was pulling me through the house. He stopped me in front of the door, he told me to close my eyes and I did. I heard the door open, Zayn pulled me through then closed it. I stood there with my eyes closed waiting.

"Alright love, open them." Zayn said excitedly.

I wasn't really sure what I expected to see, so I hesitantly opened them. But the moment I did I was beyond speechless.

I saw Damen standing in front of me.

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