Curly haired boy on my street

I was walking to school when a bump into someone "oh I'm so sorry" I say while getting up. When I look up at the person I bumped into I see this tall boy with beautiful green eyes and the most amazing curly brown hair I have ever seen. " oh no worries love! " he says . All I can do is stare .....
What do you think happens next ? Willthey go their seperate ways or talk ? ........
Read and find out !


2. Bumped

          Becky's p.o.v

" krap I'm late! " I jump out of bed and run to the bathroom to take a quick shower . I Jump out brush my teeth and comb my hair. I grab my blue hollister shirt black skinny jeans and my white toms . I run downstairs to see my sister eating breakfast . " you finally woke up " Eva said " why didn't you wake me up " "I tried but you didn't budge " part of me didnt believe my sister but I let it go . I grad a piece of bread and grab my bag and walk to the door " come on" . 


*skip the walk*

i walked my sister to school now I'm on my way to school . Beep beep my phone buzzed I take it out and see a text from Sara " where the hell are you we have a exam today in history! Hurry " shit I forgot about that ... Double shit class starts at 9:00 and its already 8:54. I have six minutes to get there luckily I am a street away. 

* just got to the school parking lot*


i have one minute so there is no need to rush I am already technically there. I am about to go in when I bump into someone . " oh in so sorry! " I say while getting up when I see who I bumped into . I saw a talk boy with beautiful green eyes and curly brown hair. " no worries love " he said with a thick accent . All I could do was stare when've quickly snapped me back to reality . "Hello are you okay love?" " uh yeah sorry again I quickly run of to class... All during class I keep thinking about that boy . 


          Harry's p.o.v

i was about to ditch school when I bumped into someone " I'm so sorry " she says I  give her a smile  and say " no worries love" she is staring at me I can't help but laugh " hello are you okay ?" I ask quickly " uh yeah sorry again and she walks of. I quickly run time car and can't help but think about her for some strange reason ... She was quite beautiful if I don't say ... Wait what are you talking about you don't even know her name... All I know is I will find out ...

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