Slender mans minions (1D fatasy)

Have you heard of the tail of slender man?? You should if have not what about if the tails were half true about slender man is real but what about if they did not say the WHOLE truth about slender mans tail well lets just say the story is missing a part where there are 5 minions who are working for slender man but no one knew ,and they are not pure white with no face or long legs with a black suite on they are 5 normal lads who are ........
The worlds biggest boy band ! One Direction! well no one knows about there big secret not even there own families. But what will happen when two lucky one direction fans win two meet and greet tickets back stage what will happen to the two fans!?!? Find out in SLENDER MANS MINIONS!!!


1. About the story

This is a story about two one direction fans who win meet & greet tickets to see one direction backstage but the girls find out that the 5 boys from the x factor are way beoned diffrent to what they where expecting them to turn out to be , will the girls like them even though they are diffrent like they say 

Everyones not perfect


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