The Runaway River

This is a story from Ancient Egypt. I wrote this for a class assignment so tell me what you guys think

By the way: The hieroglyphics in the cover mean gibberish. I'm not kidding! The ? mean I don't know the translation to that:


Not kidding, that's what it means, you can look it up if you want


13. Cinictha

That morning, I knew I had made a mistake staying. I would have to eat breakfast and lunch, trapped in my room; they didn’t trust me enough. They shouldn’t. As I dressed, again I heard a knock on the door. I was reluctant to answer, fearing that it was Nubb, come back to play with me.

“One moment.” I said. I finished dressing and opened the door. To my surprise, it was Kisk, my brother. He pushed past me and went into my room. I closed the door and asked, “Kisk, what are you doing?” He paced around the room, like he was looking for something.

“Where is it?” he said.

“Where is what? Kisk, what is going on? Did something happen?” Now, I was truly worried.

“The blade, Cinictha! Where is the blade you used?”

“What blade?” I said in confusion, “Kisk! Talk to me; sit down!” He finally sat, looking a little panicked, “Now, tell me what happened.”

“Cinictha, you have gone too far! Stabbing a prince? What were you thinking?!”

I just shook my head in confusion, “Stabbing a prince? What are you saying? I been in here ever since I got here, I’ve never left my room!”

“Prince Nubb has been stabbed while he slept, doctors barely made it to him in time. We all know it was you Cinictha, do not lie!”

“But I’m not lying! You can ask the guards! And besides, I do not even own a knife!”

“Oh yes you do! The knife you found in the gardens, the one you hid in the wall,” he exclaimed.

“Okay, yes, I do have that knife but you know it’s old and rusted! And I haven’t touched that thing in ages! How am I the one to blame for this?” I asked. He stopped, realizing that there’s no way that I could have done this. But it still wasn’t enough for him.

“I will only believe you when you show me the knife.”

“Fine, stay here, I will go get it.” I walked over to the dresser and pulled the lever. Opening the hatch, I grabbed the knife. I sat back down on the bed, handing him the weapon. He turned it in his hand, examining the faded and chipped paint. The blade was orange and red with rust. He tapped it slightly. The blade broke in jagged edges and dropped with a clang. He looked defeated, but glad that I wasn’t the attacker.

He stood slowly, “Prince Nubb calls for you by his bed. He wishes to speak with you.” I said nothing, but followed him to the wounded man’s bed. Nubb was coated in sweat and was breathing heavily as a doctor straightened the blanket on top of him. The guards eyed me with dirty looks, and the doctor shot me a glance of steel. They all blamed me, and I couldn’t blame them for that. Nubb looked over and beckoned me closer. I walked toward him slowly. He motioned for everyone in the room to clear out, but none of them budged.

“Do you dare defy me at a time like this? Go!” Grumbling, they all left. Kisk looked back before he closed the door, and pain washed his face. Nubb patted the side of the bed for me to sit.

Sliding down, I said, “I’m sorry that this happened, I truly am. And I don’t even know who did this to you…” I looked away in shame. I must have caused this, but who would do such a thing? I was desperate to escape, but not enough to kill someone!

“I know.” I looked at him in shock.

“What?” I said.

“I know who did this…” he wheezed.

“Who, Nubb? Who would do something so terrible?” I insisted.

“H…. H…. Him,” he said, pointing across the room.

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