The Runaway River

This is a story from Ancient Egypt. I wrote this for a class assignment so tell me what you guys think

By the way: The hieroglyphics in the cover mean gibberish. I'm not kidding! The ? mean I don't know the translation to that:


Not kidding, that's what it means, you can look it up if you want


12. Cinictha

As I paced across the room trying to recall the plans of the gods, I heard footsteps outside. The sound of heavily armed guards told me that it was either my family, or Nubb. I fixed my hair and sat on the bed, pretending to be busy tracing in the dust. The door swung open and Nubb walked into the room. Three men the size of bulls escorted him inside the room. Dressed in gold and the clothes of the nobles, he looked quite handsome. His clothes showed a lean body and a gorgeous, tan face with graceful features. Any average women would be thrilled to have married him, and dream of the day. I have to admit, he was very attractive. But it wasn’t about looks anymore. Looks didn’t matter to me, not since the best man in the world had said “I love you” back to me, and meant it. It really comes down to that beating thing in your chest. Does it beat faster at the sight of them? Does it stop when you touch? Did the first time you met have that little spark? Yes, those are the best; answering those questions with “yes, yes” and “yes.” Nubb waved his guards to step outside, and one protested.

“But, sir! You know what she did! She –“ Nubb looked back at him with a gaze of hatred. The guard immediately stopped and hurried out of the room. The others quickly followed him. After they left he turned his gaze on me. I had stood up and was staring back just as cold as he had at the poor man.

“You do realize that you should be killed for this?” he said icily. I said nothing but watched him as he slowly walked over to me. “What you did, running away like that, made me furious. You should know not to anger those with power,” he waited for me to say something, but I still just stood there. He stood in front of me, hands behind him and continued, “But your family talked me out of it, lucky for you. I actually began to worry about you. I was glad you came back.” This took me by surprise, but I did not move. I wasn’t going to lose a battle of wits to a dumb-founded man.

“Really? And why is that, Prince Nubb?” I asked, half curious as to why and half just to keep this game of mockery going.

“I liked what you did,” he said as he walked across the room. This really took a hit on me. I almost gasped, “It was very touching; running off to find true love instead of being a decent daughter of the pharaoh,” he said with a touch of steel. I realized that he was trying to make me feel guilty, but my heart was hardened from the things this awful marriage brought. Really this was his entire fault, and he just became enemy number one. But, I can’t be put in the dungeon, not yet.

Hold your tongue… I thought, no matter how it fights, say NOTHING! He walked back over to the bed and I wondered what his next move was.

“How is it that you escaped? Passing the guards wandering the gardens? The men at the gates?” he asked. I thought of the night, and I didn’t remember any guards at all or the gates being closed.

“Well, the gates were open and the guards left their posts, nothing else,” I replied calmly. I guess he took this as a lie, and an insult towards him.

“No accomplice? Nothing? Just through the window and down the road, on your merry little way?” He was angry now, his voice becoming more threatening at each word. “I highly doubt that a woman of your age could sneak past the best-trained men in the kingdom,” he spat. He paced around the room again.

Now I was getting angry, “Like I said, they simply were not there. Those irresponsible gorillas probably went to the festival themselves to drink away their duties. They most likely left the gate open because no one but the pharaoh and Uga are allowed the key outside the palace.”

“Well, be glad that they did leave. Your father sent me to do this, and I’m sorry if I came off as cruel to you, but orders are orders. And also, I really do admire that you left,” he walked behind me and placed his hands on my shoulders. An icy chill ran up and down my spine crying Warning! Warning! I stood there and took a breath as he hissed, “Just know this: if you ever try to escape again. You will be killed. Your father is ashamed of you, and he pleads to the gods to forgive.” He then whispered in my ear with sudden kindness, “Good night, and I look forward to the wedding, you will have a personality, unlike my previous wife.” He planted a quick kiss on my cheek, and went out of the room.

 I almost puked. That revolting touch of unjust was too gross to bear. I quickly dressed into my night clothes against the will of my stomach, wanting to escape now and leave a trail of gush behind me. I had to sleep, though, I needed the rest. 

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