The Runaway River

This is a story from Ancient Egypt. I wrote this for a class assignment so tell me what you guys think

By the way: The hieroglyphics in the cover mean gibberish. I'm not kidding! The ? mean I don't know the translation to that:


Not kidding, that's what it means, you can look it up if you want


11. Cinictha

I started to panic. How am I going to escape? I looked at the window, hoping they hadn’t blocked it. I sighed. Of course they did. Iron bars were stuck into the wall of the window vertically. They were tight, but I bet if I really tried, I could squeeze through. Also, patrols were set throughout the entire palace. Maybe, just maybe, I could overpower the patrol like with Acker…. I bet that that would have been a great plan, if only I could figure out how call upon my previous power. Time to plan….

I slept pretty well that night, and I even dreamed of different plots, what to do when something happens, and a perfect route through the palace gardens without getting caught by the new patrol. It even came with a time schedule, when certain guards left their posts for food, or when they were being relieved of duty by a new set. I have no idea where it all came from. It was like my subconscious was connected to whoever planned this out. I knew exactly what to do, when to do it, and how to react if something went wrong. It was almost perfect. Almost. Uga was still missing. A sharp pain shot through my head and I held my temples and groaned. Don’t worry, I’m fine, a voice said, I’m just on a “break of duty,” they think I’m in Kush, visiting my sick family.

WHAT? I believed that it was Uga’s voice that I had just heard. I don’t know how, I don’t know why, I just know. A sudden flash of a picture of each god zoomed through my head. It was mind-blowing. The gods had connected me and Uga’s mind, and gave me everything I needed to know of the palace! Their power is truly unlimited. I prayed for each god to give me strength, courage, speed, wit, and fast-thinking.  I decided to stuff some pillows together, roughly as thick as me, and I tried sliding them through the bars. They slid through with only a little pushing. I packed a sack with one change of clothes, tons of gold and silver, and a little food. I quickly poked holes through the corners, and tied strings through them to keep them on my back. I tied the opening closed, and put it down next to the window. I suddenly knew that I could not escape tonight, although the sooner the better.

Towards the back of the room is my dresser, on the dimly lit side. It’s a beautifully carved, wooden box with to doors at the top, and draws at the bottom. As a young child, my real mother had decided that I needed a little privacy as I grew. She had Uga carve a hole in the wall, an indent more like, behind it. Hidden in the shadow, it was about two feet inward, and almost three across, and I had stored many memories inside. A small dagger that I had found in the gardens, my favorite quote of the previous king written on a clay tablet, and childhood dolls I had dreamed of giving my children. It was behind the dresser, but a secret lever could be pulled to reveal the vault. I took the bag and walked over, and opened the doors. An old creak brought back a flush of wondrous times of old. Sticking my hand inside, I felt around the clothes and jewelry, brushing my delicate fingers against the harsh and rough wood.

I felt around, and after a while of searching, I feared that I had forgotten something, possibly a code or another secret? I started to panic a little, feeling around franticly for that lever before someone came in and caught me. My hand then instinctively curled around the coarse wood as my nerves settled. I pushed down and that familiar click brought a sense of happiness to me, and a delightful smile stretched across my face. A door popped out from the back wall of the dresser. I opened it and reminisced in the sensation of warm memories flooding over me, every time I opened this door, ever since that first time of pushing down that bar. I remember that first time; I was so excited that I called it my “Little Closet.” I came back down to earth and scooted everything in there to the side to make room for the bag. I was placing it in when I noticed something small. I put the bag in the hole and cautiously took the item out. It was a note in my mother’s hand writing. I unfolded the papyrus parchment and walked towards the light. I sat on my bed and started reading.

Cinictha, I know that now you will have grown old and forgotten me and my present to you, but I hope that when you do find this, you can remember that I love you, and always will. I’m sorry that I must go and I wish to explain, but some things are better left unsaid. If your father ever told you about what happened to me that night I disappeared, know that it is a lie. No matter how believable or outrageous, just don’t believe him. I am leaving the palace, but that is all I can tell you now. Please forgive me and understand that what I do is for your own good. By the time you read this, Uga may be gone, for whatever reasons, but if you wish to know what became of me, find him. Tell him about this note. He will explain everything. Goodbye for now. I love you, and don’t you forget.

-- Mother

Tears were spilling onto the paper as I read the note over and over. I finally curled up and lay on the bed, pinning the words between my knees, hands, and chest. I sat like this letting the tears flow. Father had always told me that my mother had died of disease. The salty water spilled harder from my eyes. I then suddenly stopped the flow. I had cried more than enough, it’s time that this ridiculousness stopped once and for all. I promised myself that not a single tear would be shed by me until Akhom was back, or until I joined him in the afterlife. I sat up and dried my face. A new fire of confidence and determination blazed and roared inside me as I opened the secret hole and placed the note wrapped in protective cloth lightly inside the sack. 

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