The Runaway River

This is a story from Ancient Egypt. I wrote this for a class assignment so tell me what you guys think

By the way: The hieroglyphics in the cover mean gibberish. I'm not kidding! The ? mean I don't know the translation to that:


Not kidding, that's what it means, you can look it up if you want


4. Cinictha


I raced to the palace. I climbed up into my room, changing as fast as I could into my sleeping gown. When I finally looked, the tailor was lying unconscious on my bed next to the dress. Ironic. I thought, Well, at least he took care of it…kind of…. I opened the door to find Uga standing there. I tapped his shoulder and he looked. A casual look on his face, he followed my hand gesturing to the man. He merely shrugged his shoulders and stepped in. He took the man over his shoulders and threw him out of the window. A little thud was heard. I shot him a look that said, Are you sure we should throw him out the window? Go get him. He sighed and walked out. A few minutes later, he came empty handed. I looked at him with hands on my hips and an eyebrow raised, much like an impatient mother scolding her child.

He said, “I put him in the palace dog house.” I could deal with that, “He won’t remember a thing.” I just shooed him out of the room, and went to bed.

Early the next morning, the tailor came and he had a slight look of confusion on his face. I just put on the dress and he fixed it up, repairing any tiny tears, and making it MUCH smaller, finally fitting me. He stood there, motioning me to turn, bend, and other things. He left, and I noticed how he had said nothing. When he was closing the door, he said, “Don’t take it off, the Queen will be here to look, and guide you through what you need to do.” I just stood there, thinking of last night. What if Seethe found out? What will she do? I pushed it out of my thoughts, and what replaced it was even worse. Akhom’s face of despair when I ran out of his home settled in my mind. My heart ached with pain as I relived the moment I left him. Was it love? What a strange feeling. I had just met him, and yet my emotions for him were stronger than that for Uga, even. I sighed and sat down. Finally, mother stepped into the room.

“Okay, so, does the dress fit? Is it comfortable?” she asked.

“Yes, mother,” I said and Seethe looked at me in surprise, I usually only call her “Queen” or “Seethe”, “but I have a question. Did you and father get married for love, or was it arranged?”

“It was arranged, but you learn to love over the years of being together. I know you’re scared and worried, but it works out.” I knew we had had a fight, but she seemed to get over it, and so did I. I sat on the bed and she joined me.

“Did you ever love someone else at the time?” I pushed.

“No, why do you ask?” her eyes widened with the realization of why I was asking, “No! You aren’t getting any ideas are you?! You cannot defy orders!” Well, too late for that, I thought.

“You must marry Nubb, and if not, then you will be punished!” she said. I only looked at her. A sudden flash of anger passed over her face, “You don’t realize the severity of this! You could be killed!” I still only stared. She eventually cooled down and asked, “Who, and where did you meet?”

“His name is Akhom… He bumped into me at the festival-“

“You left the palace!” I winced at the harshness of her voice. Seethe controlled her temper and merely said, “Go on. I want to know everything.”

“Well, Uga let me sneak out and Akhom bumped into me, and to make up for it, we ate at his farm.” I expected her to start screaming again that I fell in love with a farmer, but was surprised to find she was still listening intently. “We talked really about nothing much and most of it was lies from me but… something in his eyes was…enchanting… I fell in love, and every time a lie came out, pain came from my heart and I knew that I shouldn’t be lying to him, but I didn’t know why... I don’t know what to do, but the only thing I’m certain of is that… I want to be with him, and I could tell he loved me too by the despair of his face, and the sorrow in his voice when I left…” I started to weep and Seethe took me into her arms and held me there until I stopped, just like Uga. I figured out that we were bonding, and I felt like she was my actual mother. I just cried and cried. When I stopped, she said, “I know how you feel; I was in love once, too.” I looked at her, confused.

“But I thought you said you never loved someone?”

“Ah, but you asked ‘Did you ever love someone at the time.’ I did love, I’m not heartless,” this made me giggle, “he was the most wonderful man in the world, and he was mine,” she said, distantly, “Handsome, charming, funny, smart, and built for work… Alas, it was too good to be true… He went to Kush, and he never came back…” Tears started to form in her eyes, but she continued sadly, “I waited for him for eight long years, and I lost hope. I finally admitted that, he was… dead.” She looked at me with a warm smile, “I got over it, and married your father, coincidence that he was also a widow… But I still think of him every day. Morning, noon, and night. I will always wonder...”

Her story touched my heart. We hugged, and she then said, “I understand, now. You must run away. Don’t let him slip through your fingers. Just make sure you don’t get caught,” she winked at me. I didn’t grasp if she was joking, or if she was being serious.

“Do you need help taking off the dress?”

I replied, “No, I can do it by myself.”

“Good night then. Sleep well… my Daughter.” And with that she left my bedroom. When she was closing the door she turned around and smiled at me. I returned her smile, and she closed the door. After she was gone there was a knock on my door.

“Enter,” I replied. Uga opened the door and peeked inside. He had a questioning look on his face that answered with a grin and a nod of my head. He smiled back, and left the room, closing the door behind him.

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