hi guys this is my new book. my second movellas to. so dont hate me.

pranking, breaking hearts, coma, amnesia, babies, parrazzi. what could go wrong?! my life will be messed up from everything. how would i remember???


4. Note a chapter. Sorry!! :'(

Hello readers. Sorry that this isn't a update. But recently I have been on instagram and I truly found these hate pages on Eleanor. And their user was @deleanor_truth. Now if some of u have instagram (if yr wondering what my user is it's- kats_are_awesome) plz report this user or else defend Eleanor if u love her. This user (@deleanor_truth) apparantely thinks Eleanor Calder is a fake. The way she is innocent and shy around Louis tomlinson. And then acts crazy around her friends. I want u guys to support the Eleanor or the elounor couple and defend them with positive comments and not negative comments. 


My account (if u want to add me): @kats_are_awesome

eleanor calders REAL ACCOUNT: @eleanorj92

taggart of offender: @deleanor_truth


Sorry if I took most of yr precious time lads and sweets

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