hi guys this is my new book. my second movellas to. so dont hate me.

pranking, breaking hearts, coma, amnesia, babies, parrazzi. what could go wrong?! my life will be messed up from everything. how would i remember???


10. Chapter7.

Jayde: it's really soft

Harry: it's fluffy

Jayde: it has legs, ummmm *feels the mystery* arms I think and ummmm a head?? 

Harry: *smells the mystery* hmmm this is weird but is it a teddy bear?

Ashley: Harry your…… ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!!!!

Harry: BOO YAH!! *tries to take off blindfold* Louis what the heck did you do to my blindfold?!

Louis: I may have or may not did a triple knot on your blindfold… *slightly chuckles*

Harry: argh I get you back later, just please undo this knot or should I say knots 

Jayde: *unties her blindfold easily* oh love let me insist untying your blindfold.

Harry: thx love. *smiles and blushes*

Jayde: no probs sweets *cuts blindfold with pocket knife* there you go! *puts pocket knife away*

Harry: thx cupcake *winks* 

Jayde: we'll do some talking later. Now let's see who is going to take the next round??

Ashley: well boys choose who will be the second rounder?

Louis: I, Louis the swag/sass master from Doncaster shall take the challenge! *takes out an imaginary sword and does a superman pose*

Ashley: girls?

Eleanor: I, Eleanor the sassy master of manchester shall take the challenge against, Louis the swag/sass master of Doncaster! *smiles*

Ashley: the challengers have spoken! Eleanor the sassy master of manchester will be versing Louis the swag/sass master of Doncaster!

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