hi guys this is my new book. my second movellas to. so dont hate me.

pranking, breaking hearts, coma, amnesia, babies, parrazzi. what could go wrong?! my life will be messed up from everything. how would i remember???


8. Chapter6

Jayde: *laughs & then blushes* I love you to sweetie. *blush then kiss him on the lips*

Autumn: awwww that is just to adorable and to sweet. Uhhh guys?

*jayde and Harry ignores*

Autumn: *sighs* I know this is mean but I gotta do it. 

Niall: do what?

Autumn: this… HARRY, JAYDE SORRY TO BREAK UP THE MOMENT BUT THIS ISN'T WHAT YOU THINK IT IS. *calms down* and I think your a lovely couple to. 

*jayde and Harry stops kissing*


Autumn: well as I was saying, that's adorable and sweet. You two are a lovely couple just like Liam and Danielle, Eleanor and Louis. *smiles*

Harry: uhhhh ummmm kinda sorry about that. We do um a lot of ignoring and kissing in public and yeah. 

Autumn: uhuh. Anyways back to the interview. Please welcome Niall Horan the leprechaun who is single ready to mingle. *laughs*

Niall: yes I'm an Irish leprechaun from the lovely Ireland. I'm 19 at the moment and in about 3 months, on the 18 of September I'll be turning 20! *chuckles* and probably having a real relationship with a girl for the rest of my life. I do hope she'll be like you, cause your a real rare pearl to find.… *smiles*

Ashley: *blushes* why Thankyou Niall. Your a real charmer and hot leprechaun to meet. I bet all girls who are fans of yours fall to your knees of how nice your truly are. *gasps* did I really say that?!

Niall: why yes you did sweetie. 

Ashley: *blushes* 

Harry: break it up love birds. This isn't the dating show this is an interview to view celebrities not seeing kissing and hugging and flirting. 

Ashley: now your talkin. You stared at your love's eyes for a good few minutes and started kissing. 

Niall: now now princess there's no need to be a fight. 

Ashley: but but

Niall: no buts now proceed with the show. 

Ashley: yes daddy I will *whispers to liam* sorry Liam. 

Liam: *whispers back* that's alright *smiles* 

Ashley: *talks normally* well before anything that was not relevant to the interview with some interruption. We will be playing a game called taste test the mystery. The instructions are absolutely simple. You can touch, smell and taste the mystery. But you will not be seeing the mystery as you would have to guess. And also the rules are NO swearing as there is children in and out of this studio. I think that's about all isn't it? Oh wait no, you can have 3 hints each. You will have 2 mysteries to solve. Boys vs girls. Who wants to be first in the boys team. For the girls who would it be? 

Liam: I think harry should go first I don't know why we chose him but Harry is going first. 

Harry: then I'm first I guess. 

Eleanor: I think jayde should go first as she is so awesome at games. 

Jayde: I am? 

Eleanor: *winks at jayde* 

Jayde: oh yes yes I am awesome at games. Absolutely *smiles*

Zayn: but your absolutely terri---

Eleanor: *gives Zayn a death glare*

Zayn: I meant terrific gamer all the time. *fake smiles*

Ashley: guess it's settle then. Harry styles vs jayde Jackson. Ready for your first mystery?

*harry and jayde nod in agreement*

Ashley: you two will have the same mystery. So please tie these blindfolds so you won't be able to see

Jayde: Perrie can you please tie this blindfold for me?

Perrie: sure jayde anything for a friend in need *smiles and ties the blindfold*

Harry: argh how do you tie a stupid blindfold?! *fiddles on tying the blindfold*

Louis: need some help mate? You sure do look like your struggling 

Harry: yes I do need help. And I am actually struggling to tie the blindfold 

*louis ties blindfold around Harry's head*

Louis: there you go lad, did a double knot just to be sure you won't peak 

Harry: and why would I do that?

Louis: cause you cheat 

Harry: I do not cheat in games!!

Louis: you never know *walks away and sits next Eleanor*

Ashley: are we ready?

Harry & jayde: yes

Ashley: ok then guess the mystery in 3 2 1 GO! *gives the mystery to jayde and Harry* 

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