hi guys this is my new book. my second movellas to. so dont hate me.

pranking, breaking hearts, coma, amnesia, babies, parrazzi. what could go wrong?! my life will be messed up from everything. how would i remember???


11. Chapter 8

Ashley: the challengers have spoken! Eleanor the sassy master of manchester will be versing Louis the swag/sass master of Doncaster!

Louis: woooooohoooooo!! Your going down sassy master of manchester. You'll get beaten by me the sass master of Doncaster. *evil laughs*

Eleanor:*laughs* as if sass master. As all people know this girl *points at herself* will win anyway. As I am the champions of ALL games. 

Louis: pfffft let's see how it goes then sassy master. 

Eleanor: bring it on sass master. 

*Eleanor and Louis tie their blindfolds easily* 

Autumn: are we ready challengers?

Eleanor: duh of course autumns. 

Louis: whatever

Autumn: lot of sass and sassy replies. Ouch hurts! Anyways this is a mystery eating item, so umm be careful not to crush it. *hands over the mystery eating item* you know what to do. READY 3…2…1 and think!!

Eleanor: *feels the food* ewwww it's sooo gooey!! Feels like argh I'm not going to say, cause well it's gross!!!

Louis: that's what she said!!! *starts laughing*

Zayn: oi sass master your suppose to guess what that thing is, not laugh hysterically at what your girlfriend said. 

Louis: yeah yeah yeah I know I know. Daddy much eh Zayn?? *smells it* holy schnitzel!! This food smells nice. Can I eat a bit of it. 


Autumn: *sighs* no Niall you can not. Wait for your turn. 

Niall: BUT IM HUNGRY!!! 

Autumn: *sighs* fine. *takes out phone* hello, yes this is autumn swan I would like to order 40 pieces of peri peri chicken please.… uhh yes… an hour?… yes delivery please…will do thanks. 

Eleanor: *stops touching the object* why order so many chicken pieces. 

Autumn: cause you guys maybe hungry so order heaps. 

Danielle: ooohhhhh ok. 

Perrie: what she said

Jayde: Eli why'd you stop guessing what the mystery is?

Eleanor: cause I know what it is jayde. 

Autumn: what is it then?

Eleanor: it's gooey, feels like a rectangle, it's had like square lumps…

Liam, Louis, Harry, Niall, Zayn: THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!!

Autumn: *death glares at the boys* continue Eleanor. 

Eleanor: as I said it has square lumps all over, and as I tasted it, it tasted like chocolate and caramel was melting in my mouth. So I say chocolate with gooey caramel filling inside. So chocolate made by dairys milk. 

Autumns: Eleanor you are CORRECT!! 1 point to the girls and boys are still on one. So it's a tie. 

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