hi guys this is my new book. my second movellas to. so dont hate me.

pranking, breaking hearts, coma, amnesia, babies, parrazzi. what could go wrong?! my life will be messed up from everything. how would i remember???


3. chap.3

*applause from audience*

Autumn: and no, i don't mean the one direction as in the one way. i mean one direction the British-irish boy band who came 3rd place on the X factor UK 2010. and here we are together with them! isn't this exciting? *chuckles* please welcome the lads with their beautiful girlfriends!!!


*another applause from audience*


Louis: i'm Louis Tomlinson the oldest (21) out of this hot and amazing group. but I'm sorry girls I'm taken with the most beautiful girl which is Eleanor! *kisses Eleanor on the cheek*


autumn: awwww your a very lucky woman Eleanor. *smiles*


Eleanor: why thank you, that's very nice of you! *smiles*


autumn: no problem Eleanor, anytime for a girl in need.. next we have another lovely couple please present yourselves.


Liam: I'm Liam Payne and 19. I'm the daddy directioner which is a big role for me at the moment!





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