We're Only Watching The Skies

Fallon Samuels is not new when it comes to stepping on the stage in the theater. She isn't new to the audience in front of her, or even the bright lights that beam down. What she is new to is the ongoing attention of a certain lost boy, Louis Tomlinson. He wants to take her to the second star to the right, but his reputation refuses to let him. Can Fallon help Louis overcome the reputation he has obtained, or will Louis' "forever young" mindset hold him back?


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A/N Thanks for checking my story out. I'll try to update as much as possible. Hope you enjoy!


A large crowd of people huddled around the bulletin board, pushing and shoving, trying to get to the piece of paper that was just pinned. Sounds of elated shrieks and shameful cries from the mob mixed with one another as people read the names off the list. Fallon clenched her eyes closed as she sat silently on a bench across from the horde of people. She would wait until the throng dispersed, and then go to check out the list.

The fall play at New Bedford University was the biggest one around, causing people to flock to the theater on opening night, and this year the play of choice was “Peter Pan.” The caliber that was expected from this play was nothing less than perfect, and careful consideration was put into each cast member before they are placed in the role. It was a huge deal to be considered good enough for a role in the university’s play.

And now it was time to either be crushed by a sense of failure or freak out and cry happily to your roommate.

Fallon loved to act. She had always found herself in a theater from the time she was in elementary school. It was her passion. However, she really wasn’t sure if she wanted to do this one. Frankly, university scared her silly. She didn’t want to be onstage in front of her biggest crowd yet. Her mind jumped back and forth from whether she was going to audition or not, and finally her roommate Arlie forced her to go.

Just then, a male voice rang through her ears. “Ha! Told you!” he cried, his British accent soaking his words. Louis Tomlinson. Of course he would get the lead role. He was born to play Peter Pan. She absolutely hated this boy. She had only known him for a little less than a month, and she already could not stand to be around him. He was so arrogant, cocky, and selfish. He thought he was God’s gift to the world. Everyone else seemed to think so too, everyone expect for Fallon.

Her heart was beating violently against her chest as she slowly stood up to make her way towards the small piece of paper that was causing so much chaos. She was on the outside of the mob when suddenly Louis broke out of the group, almost colliding head first into her. “Geez, watch where you’re going,” he spat, smirking down at her. Fallon dropped her eyes to the floor and he laughed. “See you at practice, Wendy.” The last bit dripped with venom, biting harshly at her.

At first, she was confused. Then, it hit her. She had gotten the lead female role. Girls were staring at her as she carefully infiltrated the mob. Some eyes were staring at her with anger and envy, others looking at her like she was the luckiest girl in the world. Finally, she reached the front of the group, her eyes scanning down the sheet of paper quickly.


Peter Pan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Louis Tomlinson

Wendy Darling . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Fallon Samuels


No, there was just no way, she thought, shaking her head quickly. But unless someone was playing a very sick joke, it was true. Fallon continued reading.


Practice starts Thursday, September 6th, 6:30, in the auditorium.


That was later that night. Fallon wanted to crawl underneath a rock and never show her face again. Then, it hit her.

She was the Wendy to his Peter. She would have to interact with him on a daily basis. Oh dear god, she thought, groaning internally, Kill me now. She elbowed her way out of the large group, sucking in fresh air. Inside, she was freaking out. She wanted to back out. In her head, she decided she just wouldn’t show up.

But then, everyone would know she couldn’t handle it, and she would be the laughing stock of the entire school. She regretted even stepping foot in that theater a week and a half ago. She had fought with herself for a good month before the auditions, questioning whether or not she should go. In the end, she had gone unwilling, because Arlie knew she needed to do this.

Fallon held tight onto her backpack and scurried back to her dorm. Arlie was resting on her bed, laptop settled on her thighs. This girl was her best friend, and had been since they started college together. They met during orientation, and have been inseparable since. “See what you done?” Fallon groaned, dropping her bag on the floor and flopping backwards onto her own bed.

“Huh?” Arlie looked up totally confused.

“You made me audition, and now I have to be Wendy.”

A blank stare covered her face. “Isn’t that what you tried out for?” she asked deadpan, a twinge of humor in her voice.

Fallon sighed and sat up. “Louis Tomlinson is Peter.”

“Seriously?!” Arlie’s voice jumped at least two octaves as she stared at Fallon, a large grin plastered on her face.

“Unghhh...” Fallon fell backwards again and clenched a large pillow to her face. “’S not a good thing,” she mumbled into the soft pillow.

“Not good? It’s great!” Fallon felt the bed shift as Arlie pounced beside her. “He’s only the most gorgeous guy on campus!”

“That’s the problem!” Fallon removed the pillow from her face and stared up at Arlie’s elated face. “You don’t get it. He is SO arrogant! I can’t stand him.”

“Oh well,” she shrugged. “He’s still pretty.” Fallon couldn’t help but laugh. Sure, Louis was pretty, there was no denying that. He had the perfectly sculpted jaw, the clear, ocean blue eyes, and the smile that could charm a million girls at once. The only problem was that he knew he had all those things, and he used that to his advantage.

 “Maybe you’ll fall in loooooooove.” Arlie drew out the last word in a sing-song tone, moving back to her own bed. Fallon laughed, sitting upright on her bed and pushing her back against the wall. She ran a hand through her long, dark brown hair and rolled her eyes.

“Don’t make me puke.”

“When’s your first practice?”

Fallon rolled her eyes and sighed, “Tonight, six thirty.”

“Well I know what will make you feel better!” Fallon met Arlie’s eyes, raising an eyebrow. “Chinese takeout for supper!”

And with that, Fallon’s internal conflict was put on hold over eggrolls and dumplings.

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