Forever *on hold*

Grace and Brianna were just taking a jog. They decided to go to
Starbucks and bumped into Harry and Niall. Who knew that going to Starbucks was going to change things forever.


8. Truth or Dare

Louis POV

    "No promises love!" she should know that i dont play it safe when it comes to truth or dare. I was having some good dares brewing up in my mind. What can i say im the truth or dare expert. "Okay so everybody get in a hexagon!" Grace said

     "Why a hexagon?" Brianna replied

     "Because i want it to be a hexagon problem?" 

     "Your a strange child"

     "You just noticed that? The correct term is that i have been a strange child!"

     "Yeah i know don't get me started."

     "Whatever now everybody get in a hexagon no questions asked." Just after she said that somebody knocked on our door. "I got it!" Niall shouted as he got up to open the door. He came back with Valerie? Oh my gosh Valerie was here! She lives next to us and we were all good friends. Still are just one day we didn't really talk anymore. "Hey Valerie wanna play truth or dare with us?" 

     "Sure! Oh, I noticed you have other people here! Hi my names Valerie" she said while offering a hand out to Brianna and Grace. And they both took it. 

Valerie's POV

     I decided to go over to the boys flat. I haven't seen them in a while and Niall answered the door.        "Hey Valerie long time no talk!" 

"Yeah sorry about that busy lately"

"Don't worry about it glad you came though! Wanna play truth or dare with us we are just about to start in our lovely hexagon." Niall said putting air quotes around 'lovely' 

"Sure" I said while walking into the living room. I noticed two other girls around my age there. So i introduced myself. "Hello my name is Grace and that peasant is Brianna." she said while pointing to Brianna. 

"Um excuse me but im not a peasant your the peasant and don't say any different." 

"Whatever im not in the mood now Valerie why don't you join our hexagon?" 

"Okay i would like to join your lovely hexagon" I said mocking Niall. 

"Well lets get this game started why don't we start with me since im the master at truth or dare!" Louis said

"Then go master" Grace said putting quotes on 'master'. 

"Okay um Liam! Truth or dare?" 


"Okay i dare you to twerk in your underpants in the middle of the road" he said while trying to hold his laugh back.

"And you have to wear a bra!" Brianna added. Now everybody was laughing expect for Liam who didn't look too happy with his dare. 

"Oh and they have to be frozen! And you have to knock on doors saying Hello my adam's apple is frozen and I need something to warm them up to you have anything?" Grace also added. 

"This is not fair! I didn't sign up for this!"

"Oh yes you did when you chose dare! So go take you undergarments off and put them in the freezer but we need a bra and us guys don't have any so somebody needs to take there bra off!" All of us girls looked at each other and finally Brianna spoke up saying "Grace would like too after all shes flat chested!"

"Am not! Why dont you go your the one who is wearing the tanktop! It has a built in bra!" 

"No! Your going and thats final!" 

"Whatever but i have you know i am not flat chested and thats it i dont feel like having this conversation! Now im going to the bathroom now bye people!" 


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