Forever *on hold*

Grace and Brianna were just taking a jog. They decided to go to
Starbucks and bumped into Harry and Niall. Who knew that going to Starbucks was going to change things forever.


9. Truth or Dare Pt 2

~Brianna's POV~

Grace came back with her bra. "Very good Grace now wet it and put ice cubes on it and put in the freezer." I said to her.

"Anything else master?" She said.

"Yes. Some pepsi would be really good right now." I responded. Everyone laughed at my response. "What?" I asked. "I'm really thirsty!" Everyone laughed again.

"Yes master." Grace said and walked off. "Here you are master." she said walking back and handing me my pepsi.

"Thank you peasant." I said.

"Don't start with me bitch." And everyone cracked a laugh at her response.

"Okay. So who's next?"

"Em. You!" Louis responded.

"Okay go for it."

"Okay truth or dare."

"Em dare!"

"Ohhh someone's feeling risky!" Louis yelled!

"Wait let me give it to her since she is making me wear a frozen bra!" Liam interrupted.

"Ugh fine." Louis sighed

"Okay miss Brianna I dare you to. Em. Call someone and say "Your sexy! Will you marry me?!" Psh. Sooo hard of a dare.

"Okay fine." I responded. I put my number on private and dialed a random number.

"Hello?" A random person what sounded like a male answered.

"Hey your sexy! Will you marry me?!"

"Hell ya! What time and what place?!" I hung up and burst out laughing!

"What happened?!" Everyone asked. "What did he say?!"

"He said. Hell ya! What time and what place?!" I said in between laughs. Everyone else bursted out laughing. After we calmed down a bit we continued the game.

"Okay who's next?" Zayn asked.

"Em Harry!" Louis yelled.

"Louis!" Harry yelled back.

"Harry your turn! Truth or dare?" Louis asked.

"Erm. Dare!"

"Okay back up bitches I got this one!"

~Louis's POV~

I just loved her. Her attitude. Her personality. Almost everything about her. But he likes her. And I'm dating Eleanor. But who do I choose? What if she doesn't feel the same? What if she only thinks of me as a friend? What if she likes him back...

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