Forever *on hold*

Grace and Brianna were just taking a jog. They decided to go to
Starbucks and bumped into Harry and Niall. Who knew that going to Starbucks was going to change things forever.


13. The Two Lives

Haaaaai guyssss.

Its Brianna c:




~Grace's POV~

After Zayn left Truth or Dare pretty much ended. I sat on the couch for a bit and watch some TV. Brianna sat down on the other couch and joined me after a few minutes. Harry sat down next to her after a few minutes. I saw Brianna just randomly put her legs on Harry's lap and rest her back on the arm rest. Harry looked at her legs then at Bri. She just continued to look at the TV. She noticed Harry staring at her and awkwardly moved her legs.

"Sorry... Force of habit..." she spoke.

"It's true. She always does that to me." I said.

"Oh it's fine." He said awkwardly. What's his deal? I thought he liked Bri? We sat there in awkward silence for a bit but Brianna stood up and said,

"Welp. I think I'm just gonna go." she said.

"Are you going home? I'll go with."

"No." she said stopping me. I gave her a confused look. "I mean. No I'm not going home. I'm just going out to get some fresh air." I saw out of the corner of my eye Harry give her a questioning look.

"Okay. Well, I guess I'll see you at home then..." I said.

"Okay. See ya." she said grabbing her bag and walking towards the door and opening it.

"Don't you need a ride-" Harry said but was cut off by Brianna slamming the door. "What was that all about?" Harry asked. I just shrugged my shoulders.

"This is Brianna we are talking about here."


~Brianna's POV~

I ran back to the house as fast as I could. When I got there I was out of breath. I went up the stairs quickly and stripped my clothes. I went into my closet and quickly grabbed my 'Always tired' shirt, and black pants. I kept my bracelets on to keep my scars covered.

 I quickly went to my bathroom and grabbed my eye liner. I quickly put some on along with mascara and black eye shadow.

I ran back to my closet and grabbed my trench boots. I ran out of my room a went down the stairs. I was putting my shoes on and hopping on one foot in the process. Not a good combination. I slipped and landed on my butt. I don't have time for this shit! I put my other boot on and grabbed my phone and ran out the door


I ran into the alley where we usually meet. I saw them and kept it casual.

"Brianna fashionably late as usual." Danny said.

"Shut the hell up." I said pointing to him.

"Aye Bri." Diana said and we did our "Homie Handshake"

"Hey Deuce. Sup Jordon." I said waving. They just both waved back. "Aye throw me one." I said to Danny. He threw over a can of beer. I popped it open and sipped out of it.

"So how's life." Diana asked.

"Stressful." I muttered. I put my back to the wall and sank down. She just chuckled. I looked and could actually see what she was wearing. I could see her dirty blonde locks and her wearing a leather jacket with a black shirt underneath and trench boots. The boys just wore their usual. Hoodies and snapbacks. I looked over at Danny.

"New tats I see." I said looking at his neck.

"Yep just got it a few days ago."

"Oh and what did Alana say when she saw that."

"Slept on the couch..." he admitted. I let out a laugh and took another sip of my beer.

"That girl is always so bright and cheery." Diana spoke "she's gonna give me seizures..."

"Maybe she drinks rainbows and eats butterflies." I said giving jazz hand but still holding my grasp on the bottle.

"I'm right here." Danny said.

"We know." Diana and I said at the same time

"How much does she even know about you?" Deuce asked.

"All she knows is I'm in a gang."

"Woah. Woah. Woah. She doesn't know that you do drugs?!" I shouted.


"How long Diana?" I asked her.

"I'd say three weeks until she finds your stash." she said smiling then took a puff of her cigarette.

"I'd give it one." I said with a smirk and grabbed Diana's cigarette and took a puff.


We talked for a bit then decided to walk around for a bit. Deuce brought the spray paint. I grabbed a can and started to spray an empty wall but still looked around for people watching. As I put the last touch to my artwork Diana walked up and gazed at it.

"I'd put it in a museum." she said smirking. I looked up at my work and read off the words I painted 'We are young but we have fun born in this world as it all falls apart...' The boys walked up and gazed at my piece.

"Not bad small fry, not bad." Jordon said and put his arm around my shoulder.


We wandered around the streets laughing and drinking and just having fun. I took out my phone and saw the time. Midnight. Crap.

"Hey guys. I'm gonna call it a night." I said sighing.

"Aww your no fun." Diana said.

"Need a ride?" Deuce asked.

"Nah. I'm fine." I lied. No I'm screwed my house is 10 miles away. I waved at them and started to walk away. Oh well. I get to have some time alone... I put my headphone in and put 'Been to Hell' by Hollywood Undead on. I started tapping my fingers along to the beat. Why must my lives be such a big secret? Why do I have two? Hipster and a Bad Ass lives... And I'm keeping my lives from my two best friends.

Grace has met Diana. But thought she was nothing but trouble. And thought that she would influence me to make bad decisions. I was a leader not a follower. People don't influence me. I make my own decisions and choices. So I completely ignored her. I met Diana in Science class in Junior year. We hang out more and more and that's when I introduced her to Grace. I started drinking in Senior year. And she introduced me to her gang shortly after that. I kept my lives separate. My mind wandered until I arrived at home. I walked in and went straight to the kitchen. I saw a note on the table that read 'Staying the night at the boys! :) ~Grace' Thank you Lord Jesus. I grabbed a banana ate it and then put the peel in the trash. I walked over and plopped on the couch and instantly fell asleep.

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