Forever *on hold*

Grace and Brianna were just taking a jog. They decided to go to
Starbucks and bumped into Harry and Niall. Who knew that going to Starbucks was going to change things forever.


3. Strange

Brianna's POV

     I just stood up when I noticed Grace was leaving me...again. "Grace did you forget something again?" I added a bit of emphasis on 'again'. She turned around and was slapping her pockets.  

     "Nope I have my phone and keys so I can't possibly think of what I'm forgetting!" Grace replied with a sarcastic tone, like her usual self.

     "Me you dumbo now come here!"

     "You know your way back home so no and goodbye peasant!" Gosh I hate her sometimes, but she's my boobear so I love her still. 

      "Boo come her this instant!" I screamed 

      "Nah I'm good thanks for the offer though!" Then she started sprinting. 

     "Looks like I'm going home alone" I sighed 

     "I can come with you, if you would like." The curly haired boy offered. 

     "Thanks that's very kind of you, but ill just go myself." I replied. I kinda regret saying that I just don't want paparazzi taking pictures and saying that were dating. I could tell he was kinda hurt by the rejection he just smiled and said okay. 

Graces POV

     When I arrived at my flat I didn't want to text the blond-brown haired boy right away. He might think I'm annoying. I added his number into my contacts and put his name as 'Irish blonde' Shoot, I never did hey his name. I decided I get in the shower real quick so I wasn't all sweaty. After I got dressed and everything I debated if I should text him or not. I decided to I hope she does t find me a pest. 

Me: hey!

Irish blonde: hello! What have you been up to?

Me: nothing much hbu? 

Irish blonde: same :| oh I forgot to ask you what is your name?          

Me: Grace, what's yours?

Irish blonde: how do you not know my name? 

Me: Well how did you not know mine?!? 

Irish blonde: haha my name is Niall but some people call me Nialler whatever you prefer

Me: I like Nialler its a weird name

Nialler: Hey thats not very nice! :( 

Me: Aw is Nialler going to cry? 

Nialler: I dont know why you would think that!

Me: Well im going to go get lunch im hungry! Text ya later! 

Nialler: Wait? Where are you going to go?

Me: the kitchen duh

Nialler: dont let me take you somewhere! I want to get to know my friend better!  

Me: fine what time? 

Nialler: 30 minutes? oh and im going to need your address

Me: okay! 

Then i gave him my address. I started to get ready I wasnt sure if i should get fancy or not though. Im just going to wear a nice shirt and jeans. I put on some mascara and a little but of eye shadow on. I wasnt a big fan of eyeliner i could never put it on perfectly so I made Brianna put it on. But she was still out. I wonder why shes not back by now. Strange. 

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