Forever *on hold*

Grace and Brianna were just taking a jog. They decided to go to
Starbucks and bumped into Harry and Niall. Who knew that going to Starbucks was going to change things forever.


2. Starbucks

~Grace's POV~

"Its time to get up, in the morning!

In the morning!

Got McDonald's breakfast for you!

Just for you!

Or any other brand...

I drove 15 minutes to get it!

You don't want to be selfish lazy (crazy)

So we gotta get up!

(Get) Time to get up!

Its time to get up!

Time to get uuuup!


Its time to get up!

(time to get up)



Its time to get up!

Its time to...


Get up.

Its time.

Doobie Doo

 Waaakee (Gett) UPPPP.."

I heard Brianna singing. "Its not time to get up." I responded.

     "Booooo!" she yelled. "Now get up! Eat your breakfast! Or else I'm going to leave for jogging without you!"

     "No! I'm up! I'm up!" I yelled while ninja jumping out of bed.

     "Now get ready!" she yelled walking out of my room. I ran to my closet but on a shirt and a pair of running shorts and put my hair up in a messy bun. When I was done I ran out. "Dang you a ninja!" Bri yelled.

    "And don't you forget it!" I yelled pointing towards her. I ate my breakfast and we walked out of the door.

    "Did you forget something?" I heard Bri yell. I huffed and walked back inside and grabbed her arm and brought her out. "Thank you!" she yelled cheekily, "You should never have kids." she added

     "Well I'm not planning on it anytime soon!"

     "Better not! You are too young and you'd abuse it!"

     "Says the girl who stabbed me with a spoon!"

     "At least it wasn't a fork!" she yelled. I just rolled my eyes

     "Just start jogging!" I yelled.

     "Fine pushy!" she yelled and started jogging. As we were jogging we talked about random things like college. Until we jogged for about an hour.

     "Wanna go to Starbucks?" I said slightly panting.

     "Sure. Wanna change first?"

     "Who we gotta impress?"

     "True. Very true."

      "Okay lets go" I said while doing my superman pose. As we were walking to starbucks somebody ran into me and spilled his coffee on me. "Great looks like I have to go and change!" I huffed.

"Oh my gosh I am so sorry!" a boy with dirty-blonde hair said.

"Oh its fine its always good to start the day with a cup of coffee spilled all over you." I replied sarcastically. I have to admit he was kina of cute. But I didn't have time to be crushing. I would have to go to collage soon and I don't want a short term relation ship. When I looked over at Brianna I saw her trip on her shoelace. Typical Brianna, what will I ever do with her.

"Oh let me help you help!" a guy with curly hair offered.

"Nah im fine just being my old clumsy self!" Brianna yelled.

"Geez can you say that any louder?" I said

"Sure NAH-"

"Shut up I didn't mean it latterly you dork, anyways we got to get going bye!"

'Wait number  text me sometime!" the boy with dirty blonde hair exclaimed

"Sure thing!" then I started to jog off

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