Forever *on hold*

Grace and Brianna were just taking a jog. They decided to go to
Starbucks and bumped into Harry and Niall. Who knew that going to Starbucks was going to change things forever.


7. Out-sass

Harry's POV

    "We're just friends you can't accept that?" Grace said. I really did know on the inside that they were friends i just had to push buttons. I looked over at Niall and he was as red as a tomato! Maybe even redder if that even possible. Wait off topic! 

     "I'm afraid we can't. I just don't believe you" I replied back.

      "Suit yourself!" Niall and Grace said in unison

      "Well thats how allllll relationships start out at 'just friends' and you guys both talked at the same time! Its a sign! We better keep a close eye on them they may just get hea-" 

      "HARRY THAT'S ENOUGH!" Niall yelled 

       "We all know who can't take banter now" i whispered. I looked up and Brianna is laughing historically on the floor and Grace was now joining the blushing party with Niall. Then Louis walked into the kitchen. Oh boy this is going to be good.

       "Aw look at that the two lovebirds are blushing together! How cute! Now what went on in here to make Brianna fall on the floor laughing and them to blush?" Louis said very loudly

       "Well lets just say a lot of banter went on in here while you were gone."

     "Aw banter went on and I missed it! Shit i missed out on good entertainment. You also left the sass-master out of this! Unbelievable this is so disgraceful uh why waste my breath!" 

     "Hey you said my name!" Grace said 

    "When did i say your name?" Louis said while putting emphasis on 'your' 

    "When you said disgraceful it has my name in it" 

     "Oh your sooooo clever hahahaha" 

     "I don't recall trying to be funny i was being serious nor was i being clever i was speaking the truth so if you have a problem with that blame my parents for naming me Grace thank you and have a nice day im out!" Grace replied

      Louis POV

     Urg! Who does she is? The queen of sass? No that's my job! I need to give her a piece of my mind! "Grace get you ass in this kitchen now!" 

     "No i like my ass on the couch so if you want to talk to me you have to come here!" 

      "Ug fine whatever! Your so" 

       "Im so what Tomlinson?" 

       "Your such a brat!" 

       "No im not a doll but i like your attempt at offending me" 

       "Fine your a bitch!" 

       "Nope not a female dog!"

        "Who do you think you are coming here thinking you can out-sass the sass master?" 

       "Um first off i think im Grace and trust me i didn't come here to out-sass you i came here because Niall invited me here so you can blame Niall now if you excuse me im trying to watch the telly!" 

       "Wait did you say that Niall invited you here?" 

       "Oh don't you dare Louis!" 

       "Everybody get in here we have a serious situation!" Everybody was now in the living room ha this is  going to be good. "So i was just kindly informed by the ever-so-kind Grace that Niall invited Grace to come over!" 

       "Whats the big deal about that?" Liam said

       "Liam,Liam,Liam do you not get that this was a date?" 

       "Are you serious i just told you we are just friends!" Niall protested (;P)

       "Well you are hiding something! You two are dating end of story! Now whose up for a friendly game of truth or dare?" 

       "No its not a choice we all have to play!" Harry said. 

       "Fine! But nothing inappropriate!" Grace said

       "No promises love!" i said



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