Forever *on hold*

Grace and Brianna were just taking a jog. They decided to go to
Starbucks and bumped into Harry and Niall. Who knew that going to Starbucks was going to change things forever.


5. Its on

Niall's POV

     I was really excited for Grace to go to my place. I'm pretty sure the boys are going to be there. I bet that a food fight is going to occur. Great, hopefully she won't mind. "Do you mind if we go back to my flat and get Brianna?" i'm guessing she was talking to Bri on the phone. 

    "Sure if she doesn't mind getting into food fight." i said. 

     "Okay lets go get her." 

      "But you didn't ask if she doesn't mind getting into food fights" 

     "She'll live she lived in a house with 3 younger siblings, its like World War lll in her house!" 

     "Whatever you say!" i said while turning around to go back. 

*at the flat*

     "Brianna get your ass down the stairs we need to go!" Grace patriotically screamed. 

     "I don't want to get my ass down those stairs!"  

     "I will drag you down those stairs and you know that i will!" 

     "OH YEAH I'M COMING CALM DOWN I'M COMING DOWN, SEE CAN'T YOU SEE ME COMING GRACE BECAUSE IF YOU CAN'T YOUR BLIND, OKAY I'M HERE! NO NEED TO DRAG ME LEGGO!" Brianna exclaimed while scurrying down stairs. I couldn't help but laugh. 

     "Why is she so scared of you?" 

     "Well i have dragged her down the stairs before and now she knows that when i say ill drag her i mean it." 

     "Ill keep that in the back of my mind." i said while laughing. 

      "I don't see why your laughing when i am being serious." 

      "Oh sorry now lets go im starving!" 

*skip car ride* 

     "Ooooh does Niall not have one but two girlfriends?!?" Louis joked 

     "Louis take a chill pill before you go crushing on them they are my friends and Harry may know Brianna" I said while pointing to Brianna. 

     "Um who do you think your talking to? I am not going crush on one of them i have a girlfriend!" 

      "Oh you didn't get the message?" i said back

      "Who El broke up with me?" Louis said almost in tears 

     "No lad calm down i was kidding!" 

     "Don't mess with me like that how would you like if i just came up to you and said that your girlfriend broke up with you?" 

     "Well last time i checked i don't have one" 

     "Moving swiftly on who wants lunch?" i asked. 

     "Well we were about to get Nandos wanna come?" Liam offered 

     "Way ahead of you guys but Grace got us kicked out" I could tell she was blushing

     "How did you manage Grace?!?" Brianna asked

     "Well i may have sang too loud..." Grace said just above a whisper

     "Im sorry i couldn't hear that" 

     "I said i sang to loudly!" 

     "Oooh what did you sing?" Zayn said in a baby voice


     "Jeez shut up before we get kicked out of here" Louis said, By then everybody was on the floor laughing. 

     "Well i don't know about you people but im going to die of starvation so im going to make something for myself only!" Grace threatened

     "Oh how harsh now that doesn't matter to us but to Niall that would be a threat" Harry said. 

     "Yeah don't do that to me! I didn't do anything!" I said while running into the kitchen. I took some whipped cream and squirted her in the face. 

     "Oh is this a war little leprechaun?" 

      "Hey im not a leprechaun!" 

      "You sure?" she said as she threw a piece of cake at me. Oh its one     


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