Forever *on hold*

Grace and Brianna were just taking a jog. They decided to go to
Starbucks and bumped into Harry and Niall. Who knew that going to Starbucks was going to change things forever.


6. Afraid Not

Louis Pov

     We were all sitting on the couch just watching some telly when we heard Grace shout "Oh is this a war little leprechaun?" I figured they were just messing around but then we heard crashing noises. Of course i wasn't going to go in there so i sent Harry and Brianna. It has been about 10 minutes and they still didn't come out of the kitchen. "OH NO THEY KILLED THEM! IT TRULY IS A WAR!" i screamed at the top of my lungs. I ran into the kitchen shouting "SUPER MAN" only to get hit in the face with an orange. What kind of war is this? An orange that harmless. Then i get in the face with an apple? Ouch that hurt. "Are you guys having a food war?" 

     "What does it look like were doing? Throwing rainbows?" Brianna said

     "Oh my gosh your alive! I though you and Harry died in the war!" then i got hit in face with whip cream! "Hey what was that for?" then a piece of cake. "THIS IS A MAD HOUSE I TELL YOU!" 

     "Get out of my kitchen!" (A/n see what i did there?) Harry said. 

      "You know what hand me some food!" I retorted 

       "No you find your own food!" Niall said. 

        *gasp*"Niall your throwing food i never thought this day would come!" 

         "Well, im eating it too! Duh im not just going to throw food without eating it too!" I heard a knock on the door.   

          "Liam could you answer the door please i have to finish these people off!" Niall said

          "Sure thing!" I heard the...Land lord what is he doing here?!? Liam came back into the kitchen and said, "Um you guys have to quiet down there are noise complaints, so it would be better if you just stopped because i know you guys aren't going to lower the noise." 

       "Ug fine but this will continue!" Grace said in a normal tone. 

Brianna's POV

     I was kinda disappointed that we couldn't continue our food fight. All good things come to an end i guess. "I never knew you had that much of a good aim!" Harry said quietly just so i can hear and nobody else. 

      "Um thanks but are you saying that girls don't have good aiming?" I whispered back

      "Uh no" 

      "Looks like we have to continue this another time." i said while giving him a death glare. 

      "So what are you two love birds whispering about over there?" Grace teased 

      "I have you know we are just friends and its none of your business what we are talking about! What were you and Niall talking about over there your first date?" I commented 

      "I'm like you just friends." 


      "Now when did we turn five years old?" Niall said 

      "About two minutes ago." Harry said 

      "Okay whatever were just friends can't accept that?" I said

      "I'm afraid we can't i just don't believe you" Harry said.

      "Suit yourself" Niall and Grace said in unison   

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