Running is Easier, than Hiding

Avery Summer has to live in the shadows because she is followed everywhere he is trying to get her. She meets Niall Horan after a quick exscape , and he is forced in to her crazy adventure of life.


1. Same Place, Different Reasons

    Avery's POV:

 I was lying there, broken, hurt, torn. I felt worthless as I sat there. Nothing was going to save me. Nobody loved me. Nobody was there to comfort me. I was about good dead as alive. It took ever ounce of strength to get away from him. Now that i'm gone i'm not giving in . I'm not going back. He killed my Father, he killed my mother. I'm next. I will forever live my life as the girl who lives in the shadows, the darkness. But people will soon find out that everyone bring there own light to the darkness. I am unstoppable. I am unforgettable. I am Avery, Avery Summer.
    I was in Time Square. The hussle and bussle going by, people screaming to "move faster", I try to stay out of peoples way, try not to get noticed but its hard. I am on the run. He is on my tail. He is almost here. I arrived at the airport, Flight B27 to London was announced. I grabbed my luggage and headed for the gate when I saw Him. It was him, he was here. he was following me. I boarded, the flight took off. I was safe, for now. I looked around the plane it was a 7 hour flight. I looked over to a young boy sitting next to me he was around 19. He had a glimmer in his eyes, bright blue you couldn't miss them. They gave me hope of getting away from him.  He started to talk to me and introduced him self as Niall Horan. I told him Avery. I could give him a last name it would give away my identity, he might find me.
Niall's POV:
    I was in my hotel room. All I could hear was screams of fans as I tried to sleep. Don't get me wrong my fans are amazing but they never give me peace. I need to get away. I cant take it anymore. The boy and I have the next month off so I am going home. I need to escape the screams and relax to get ready for the tour. I had my manager get me a flight to Ireland but the closest they could get was London. Then I will take another flight to Ireland. I walk out of the hotel. I am unstoppable, the fan will not forget me, I will be back. I said my goodbyes to the boys and got in the limo.
     We arrived at the airport, and got on my flight B27 to London.I sat in my seat hoping not to get noticed. I looked over to see a girl around my age, I introduced myself to her. She told me her name was Avery. She seemed worried but trying to cover it up with fake smile. She had the most beautiful long blonde hair and amazing dark blue eyes. They gave me hope of getting away from the fame.

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