Running is Easier, than Hiding

Avery Summer has to live in the shadows because she is followed everywhere he is trying to get her. She meets Niall Horan after a quick exscape , and he is forced in to her crazy adventure of life.


4. Not Over Yet

Niall's POV:
    I can't believe she just opened up to me like that. As soon as she said that man killed her father, mother, and almost her, I couldn't help but think of how cruel this man was and how I need to keep her safe. I needed to protect her. I pulled her in to a hug and told here everything would be ok. We stayed like this until the plane landed. I didn't want let go but eventually had to we were getting of the plane. I asked her if she had anywhere to stay. She said she would find a hotel and continue from there. I was scared to ask but did anyways. Well Avery you could stay at my place, you said yourself we are both in danger he is less likely to get us if one is always there to protect the other and It who be better If we stayed together, and.. I was cut off by her soft lips on mine, I was shocked at first but then kissed back. We pulled apart I just looked at her she simply responded, I knew it was the only way to get you to be quiet. I responded you could have just answered me but that was good too.
Avery's POV:
    I told him that I was going to find a hotel, he said I could stay at his place, and keep rambling on about how it would be safer if I did. I watched him lips moving and next thing I was kissing him it was amazing. We pulled apart and told him that was the only way to get him to shut up but that was a lie I wanted to kiss him. When I was little I always dreamed of my first kiss and felt that was the perfect moment. He responded that I could have just answered me but that was good too. I said yup it was great a lightly to loudly.  We got in to a taxi and we road to Niall's House he told me his parents lived next door so they were there to check on him. We pulled up to the house I was bigger than four of my houses. Well my old home. We got in the house and settled in it was around 8:30pm. I sat on the couch and Niall disappeared in to the kitchen. He came back with a giant bowl of popcorn and two movies in his hand, Nemo and Toy story. He told me that toy story was Liam's favorite. I could tell he was already missing the boys. I said sure and we sat on the couch and watch the movie. Once it was over it was 9:30pm. We decided to get to now one another better, we each could ask any question we wanted nothing was off limits. I really hoped he didn't ask about my family though because it is really painful to talk about. He started by asking, Whats your favorite color? I said "blue" then I asked him about his life with one direction on tour and stuff. He said they were the best friend you could ask for and that they always had loads of fun together. I then asked him if he missed them he said yes. I felt kind of bad for him because he is always with them without them he is probably lost. We went to bed I slept in his bed and he slept on the couch in his room. We both fell asleep at about 10:00pm. **** He was after me, I was in the airport he grabbed my arm from around the corner and started to drag me away from Niall. I started to scream, Noooo you cant do this he is all i have left!!!! I closed my eyes as he dragged me, Niall came after me he grabbed my arm and I opened my eyes.**** I was in Niall's room as I went to bed. I looked over at the clock it was only 12:30am, but that was also the time he would get to Ireland and soon would be looking for me. I got really scared and started to worry. I creep over to where Niall was sleeping and started to tap on his shoulder. He woke up instantly.
Niall's POV:
    I was in a light dazed and I felt a light tapping on my shoulder. I opened my eyes to see Avery sitting there with a worried look on her face. I asked her what was wrong and she told me that he was probably off the plane by now and looking for us. I couldn't stand to see her in this state so I asked her is she wanted to go down stairs and watch a movie until we fell asleep. She quickly agreed, we went down stairs and started watching Love Actually. I put my arm around her and she cuddled closer. Soon we both were asleep.
    We woke in the same position. I got up careful not to disturb her and when to the kitchen. I started to make breakfast, bacon, pancake,and eggs. I served it to two plates and was about to waked her up when she ran in and screamed I SMELL FOOD!!. Well your not shy are you I teased. No not at all she said. We sat down to eat and all of a sudden, KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK. I looked at Avery and all that was on her face was the blank expression of defeat. I looked at her and said it is not over yet.

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