Running is Easier, than Hiding

Avery Summer has to live in the shadows because she is followed everywhere he is trying to get her. She meets Niall Horan after a quick exscape , and he is forced in to her crazy adventure of life.


3. Explain Away

Avery's POV:
    I couldn't let him get me yet I worked to hard to get away. Niall was still chasing me, I ducked around a corner and I grabbed him when he ran by. Shh I told him, I will explain on the flight to Ireland. For now put these on and handed him a sweatshirt and pair of sunglasses. He obeyed. I peered of from behind the corner and saw him coming I was ready to make a run for it when he ran by. Thank god! I thought to myself. I gave him about 100 ft and started to run with Niall to the flight. We got a good 200 ft away from the door when he saw us. He started chasing us. They announced last call for flight C24 to Ireland. We got on just in time and they closed the doors. We both we breathing heavily as we took our seats. I checked the schedule for the airport the next one to Ireland was not until 11:30 tonight. We are safe for now, but now that he sees Niall has connections to me he will soon be after me on the list.  So I am debating what I am going to tell Niall I either need to tell a very convincing lie or the truth but at this point he knows to much for a lie. 
Niall's POV:
    I was very confused she told me she would tell me on the flight, to put on a sweatshirt and sunglasses and next thing I knew some guy was chasing us until we got on the flight for Ireland. She said she was staying in London while we were talking so I was not sure why we were on a flight to Ireland. We sat in our seats and she just looked out the window. I tapped on her shoulder and whispered "explain away". She looked nervous like she couldn't trust me. She said long story. I responded we have an hour flight, we have time. 
Avery's POV:
    I started by saying first of you can't tell anyone. He said OK, I started. Well, you now that guy chasing us, he is trying to kill me. He killed my father, and my mother and now he is after me and soon you if we don't keep quiet. My father was a spy. He worked on elite projects. The guy chasing us also had a mission they were rivals. He was chosen to take care of my father. My mother soon realized what was happening ,and he killed her. I saw them kill her. A tear rolled down my cheek. They where about to get me too but I ran out and didn't stop. I was a 15 year old girl who was now on her own. I have been traveling the world to get away from him but he keeps coming back. He killed everyone important to me for information so you are the only one left. I sighed. Someone finally knew the secret. He looked at me stunned then pulled me in for a hug. I cried quietly on his shoulder. He whispered " everything will be ok". To bad I didn't believe him. :(

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