The Cupcake Girl

Louis Tomlinson, as you know is in a teenage heart throbbing boy band, One Direction. When one day, walking around a outlet, he came across a cupcake shop. Fate pulling him inside the cupcake shop, he finds his dream girl working there. But when this dream girl gets him hooked to her, what will he do to try to win her heart? Cause this girl, is not easy to have. There's a price. But what is the price Louis has to pay?


2. You Know Her?

* ~ Louis Tomlinson ~ * (Next Day)

It was 4:45 and Niall, Zayn and Harry and I were just watching TV while Liam and Danielle sat there checking twitter. I sighed, "This is getting boring, can we go out and do something?!" I asked looking at all of them. 

"Well, what do you want to do Lou?" Harry asked, still watching Cake Boss that was showing on the TV. I thought for a moment till Liam stood up and said, "We should go to the bowling alley! Like we all used to in the X-Factor days!" Liam suggested as he started to put on his shoes and jacket along with the rest of us. 

"Hey Liam, is it okay if Perrie comes along too?" Zayn asked while Liam nodded, "Sure lad, just text her to meet us there." 

"Oh, can I invite a friend too? She is really good at bowling." Dani asked giving Liam the puppy dog eyes. He laughed, "Of course babe, but how do you know she is really good at bowling?" 

"Well, we went bowling one day, when you all were at a sound check, I invited her to play and she beat the crap out of me. The ending score was 45-6." Dani laughed.

"Okay well text her to meet us there too." Liam said. She did what he said the put her phone in her pocket as we all headed to the car. 

*   *   *   *   *   *

As we started to set up the game and put on our bowling shoes, two familiar voices screeched, "Danielle!!" I looked behind me to see, Leslie and Perrie?

"Leslie!! Perrie!!" Dani shouted as the slowly ran to each other, like in those cheesy movies. To what felt like forever, they all finally hugged and walked back over to us. 

"Guys, this is Leslie. Leslie these are the guys." Dani said motioning to all of us. She smiled and did a short wave then her eyes met mine, "Carrot Boy!" She smiled giving me a hug. I was stunned but gave her a hug back.

"You two know, each other?" Dani asked. Leslie nodded, "Yep. He was the nice guy I told you about that bought the 15 box of cupcakes for the kids." She smiled as Dani nodded. 

I was being talked about? She talked about me?

"Wait, should we go in teams or by ourselves?" Harry asked. Liam shrugged, " I don't know lets take a vote. If you want to be in a team raise your hand." Liam said and instantly,  Perrie's, Dani's, Leslie's, Niall's and Zayn's went up, along with Liam and Harry.  

"Well since there is 8 of us, we split up into two teams of four. How about we have, Dani, Zayn, Perrie and I and the other team is, Louis, Leslie, Niall and Harry. 

"Oh! Can I name our team?" I asked. Harry sighed, "Fine go ahead." I then ran up to the score board and put our name down. I then walked back over to my team and admired the name. Leslie and Niall started to laugh while Harry said, "The Smexy Cupcake, Carrot, Nando's, Pussy Cats Team?" I started to laugh myself while Harry just looked at still processing the name. 

"I love it Lou!" Leslie said, who was at the moment, laughing her butt off on the ground along with Niall. 

They both calmed down and we finally started up the game. 

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