The Cupcake Girl

Louis Tomlinson, as you know is in a teenage heart throbbing boy band, One Direction. When one day, walking around a outlet, he came across a cupcake shop. Fate pulling him inside the cupcake shop, he finds his dream girl working there. But when this dream girl gets him hooked to her, what will he do to try to win her heart? Cause this girl, is not easy to have. There's a price. But what is the price Louis has to pay?


1. Fate Pulling Me In

* ~  Louis Tomlinson ~ *

 "Guys I'm hungry!" Niall cried. I laughed, "When aren't you?" I said making the rest of the boys laugh while a specific irishman sent me looks that could kill. We all soon calmed down our laughs, "So, what do you guys want to-, " Liam started to ask until Niall immediately grabbed his arm and pulled him into Nando's, go figure. That's all he ever eats and in this outlet, they just so happen to have a Nando's. 

Zayn and Harry started to walk inside while I stayed behind, "Are you coming?" Harry called. I shook my head, "Nah, call me when you get done. I'm going to go look around." I say.

"Don't get caught." Zayn said. 

"I won't." I said giving them a re-assuring smile. They returned a smile and waved off as they went inside Nandos. I then turned on my heel and started to walk down the sidewalk. Since we were in a outlet, there was plenty of other stores such as;  Vans, American Eagle, Hollister, and Toys R Us. I was actually very tempted to go inside Toys R Us, but held myself back as I came across a Cupcake shop. 

I don't know why it made me stop, but it just felt like behind that door is something. And if I don't go see what it is, then I will regret it. I decided to go inside, since that feeling won't be going away anytime soon.

I walked in to see the place completely girly. Hot Pink, Light Green, Dots everywhere. It was like every little girl's dream to be here. I ignored the decorations and looked over to the cupcakes. I licked my lips, seeing the most best looking cupcakes i've ever seen. Carrots cupcakes, gosh how they looked really really good. Walking over to the counter, a girl greeted me with a beautiful smile. 

"Hello sir, can I get you anything?" she asked, her icy blue eyes staring right into mine. It almost felt like my heart melted at the sound of her voice. It was so comforting, greeting. Angelic was what it sounded like. 

"Umm, what are your specials?" I asked. She smiled, "Well, our special is buying a case of fifteen cupcakes for five dollars. All the money we get goes to a charity foundation to help kids in Africa." She explained. 

"Really? That's amazing! I think i'll go with the special." I smiled. She immediately perked up, "Thank you. Anyways, what kind would you like and how many of that flavor?" She asked pulling out a box and setting it on the counter. 

"Uhh, what is your best sellers?" I asked. 

"Red Velvet, Vanilla Bean and Choco chunk. But in my opinion, I believe the carrot cupcakes are the best." She smiled. 

Carrots. She likes carrots. Fanboy moment. 

"Carrot Cupcakes?! I'll take all fifteen of those." I said making her laugh, "I take it you really, like carrots?" She said softly laughing as she grabbed all fifteen carrots cupcakes. I nodded my head furiously, " I love my carrots." 

She laughed, "Same here. Carrots is probably my favorite food of all time." She said smiling. I chuckled, "Well then, you and I are going to get along real well." I smiled. 

Once she got all the cupcakes in the box, she sealed it shut with a piece of tape then put it into the register. 

"That will be five dollars please." I smiled and handed her the money. She took the money and furrowed her eyebrows, making the most cutest face, "You do know you gave me two five's. I just asked for five dollars." She said trying to give me back my five dollar bill but I refused, "I'm pretty sure the kids in Africa need that more than I do." 

Her smiled widen, "Thanks. It honestly means a lot you're doing this." She said putting the money in the cash register and handing me my cupcakes. 

"It's no problem love. Thanks for the delicious cupcakes." I smiled. She laughed, "You're welcome." Right when I was about to walk out, I quickly stopped myself, "Umm, miss?" I called. She looked back at me, "Yes?" 

"I didn't get your name." I said with a cheeky smile. 

"Leslie." She said. I nodded, "Well it was nice to meet you Leslie." I said. She smiled, "It was nice to meet you too carrot boy." She joked. I laughed and continued my way out with my box of cupcakes. When I started to walk over to Nando's, I looked down at the box to see a note.

Call me when you get a chance(:
   - Leslie 

And below it had her number. I smiled to myself and walked inside Nando's. 

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