Road Trip (15+)

I don't know where I'm going, and sure as heck don't care. I just need to get out of this town. Get away from the constant drama. I need to live my life. I have to get away before this town devours me. Now, step aside, as I got on a heck of a road trip.


13. Something Normal


Harry's eyes wondered around the car, taking in all the little details that was in the car. The apple air freshener swayed to the movement of the car as one of my many CD's played. I tapped my thumbs on the steering wheel and looked in the rear-view mirror. Sand and tumbleweeds were galore. We still haven't left the desert. We still see the dull desert that makes you wonder if you even moved.

"Harry, I'm gonna pull over. I need something to eat. I have some granola bars in my suitcase in the back." I said, as I started pulling over.

"Okay." Harry said simply. I put the truck in park and jumped out of the car. I pushed open the trunk and slid my suitcase out. I unzipped it and grabbed a handful of granola bars. I shoved my suitcase back in the trunk and slammed it shut. I stumbled into the front seat and shut the door behind me.

"Take one." I said to Harry, holding out my hand of granola bars. He leaned in and smashed his lips onto mine. Our lips moved in sync as I started leaning towards him. The granola bars fell to the floor and I cupped his jawline with my hands. "Harry. We have to get going." I said breathlessly.

"Just a few more minutes." he mumbled. I sat up and buckled my seatbelt. "Gosh. Way to ruin our fun." Harry said as he buckled his seatbelt. I unwrapped one of my snacks and took a bite of it.

"Don't worry, we can have some more fun later." I said, my eyes locked on the road. I felt his face light up and I smirked. "We'll stop when we get to Arizona."

"How far away is that?" Harry asked, tapping his hands on his leg. I looked in the rearview mirror and looked back at the road.

"I'm going to say about a half an hour at the most. We passed a sign about 40 minutes ago saying that Arizona was 68 miles away." I said, concentrated on the road. Harry nodded his head and pulled his phone out of his pocket. "What time is it?"

"About 6:30." Harry replied bluntly.

"Once we get to Arizona we'll stop and get something to eat, then find a motel." I smiled. Harry nodded his head.

"What do you want to do, with your life?" Harry asked, looking me straight in the eyes. I sighed and shook my head.

"I want a house, a baby. Something normal. That's what I want to do." I said, glancing at Harry. "Welp, look where we are. Arizona." I smiled as we passed the 'Welcome to Arizona' sign. "There's a town right here, we'll pull off, eat dinner, and get a motel."

"Sounds good." Harry said bluntly. I found a diner and pulled into the parking lot. We jumped out of the car and walked in to the diner. It was a worn down place with a greasy smell. Harry and I found a booth and sat down.

"I'll have French fries and a chocolate shake." I said to the waitress who asked for our order. The waitress nodded her head and grabbed her pen that was behind her ear. She looked at Harry and raised her over-drawn eyebrow.

"I'll have a grilled cheese with some potato chips." Harry said, snapping out of his thoughts. The waitress ran her hands trough her greasy, curly, red hair and she turned around to the kitchen. "Wow, way to be so healthy." Harry teased.

"Hey, I don't want to hear you talking Mr. potato chips." I giggled.

"Touché." Harry said, knitting his eyebrows together. I laughed and The waitress sat down my milkshake and huge tray of greasy fries. I thanked her and grabbed a French fry and dipped it in the milkshake. "Eww, that's gross."

"Try it." I said, pushing the fries over to Harry. He shook his head and grabbed a fry. He quickly dipped it in the chocolate milkshake and he looked at it. He closed his eyes and took a bite of it. "How was it??" I asked, leaning against the table.

"Good." Harry nodded his head.

"That's what I thought." I smiled and ate a fry. The waitress brought over Harry's sandwich and immediately Harry dug into it. We gobbled down our food quite quickly. I grabbed 20 dollars out of my pocket and placed it on the table.

"You ready?" Harry asked. I nodded my head and stood up. I stumbled to the car and looked at my phone.

"There's a motel right down the road." Harry said, pointing to a worn down building. I drove over to the motel and we got a room.

"I love you Harry." I said before drifting to sleep.

I heard a faint voice say "I love you too, Ali."











This chapter is dedicated to the lovely  haaaileymilio! I am very proud to co-author with her and Maria01!!!



I am NOT done with this book! My main project right now is 'Summer Games' and I plan on wrapping up the 'Life of an Eleanor Calder' series.


And can I just say that I am in love with the Movella 'Lust Island'. I love Kelsea2253 and her Movellas dearly, along with Justheretowrite and its like, the two of them writing together is perfection. Their book is perfection. Seriously. I'm in love.


BTW this is random, but I've been listening to 'Aladdin' the whole time that I was writing this. I'm a Disney freak.





Claire :D Xx



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