Road Trip (15+)

I don't know where I'm going, and sure as heck don't care. I just need to get out of this town. Get away from the constant drama. I need to live my life. I have to get away before this town devours me. Now, step aside, as I got on a heck of a road trip.


8. One of 'Em Fan Girls


I woke up in an odd position and my back aching. I sat up slowly and rubbed my neck. It took me a minute to realize where I was. The sun was shining between the curtains in the room, and the TV was on mute. I looked over my shoulder and saw Harry laying on the other bed hugging a pillow. I chuckled and shook my head. I ran my hands through my greasy brown hair and realized that I should take a shower.

Slowly, I got up from the bed and dragged my feet to the bathroom. My backpack sat on the sink, my clothes were overflowing out of it and my makeup stuffed between my jeans. I let out a slow sigh and chose my outfit. I picked out a pair of yoga pants with my white Victoria's Secret shirt. I stripped out of my clothes and turned on the water. It was quite cold, I guess they don't have hot water here. I grabbed my sample shampoo and scrubbed it into my wet hair. It felt soothing and refreshing on my scalp.

I stood in the cold water and thought about last night. I wondered what Harry said. Did he say 'Ali, I am leaving' or 'Ali, I think you are stupid'? Ali, you are being stupid. I mentally slapped myself and turned off the water. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my naked body. I stepped onto the cool tile floor and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked tired, and old. I shook it off and slid my clothes on. My wet hair flowed down my back. I smeared some makeup on my face and walked quietly out of the steamy bathroom.

Harry was still sleeping. My stomach growled loudly and realized I haven't had anything proper to eat since yesterday for breakfast. I grabbed a old gum wrapper and scribbled a note to Harry on the back. I sat it next to his bed and shoved my cellphone, room key, and some money into my pocket. I slid on my flip-flops and stepped out into the warm air. It had to be 10 AM, at least. I saw a 'Pilot' gas station right across the road. They normally have doughnuts and coffee there.

I cautiously crossed the street and walked into the large gas station. I looked around for a little while, I stared at the gossip magazines. I saw a magazine with the band 'One Direction' that Harry is in and picked it up. I skimmed through it until I came across the One Direction page. I learned that there are 5 boys in the band including Harry, who are teen heartthrobs. In the small town that I live in, we are completely isolated from the whole world. I hardly know anything that is going on in the media. I picked up another One Direction magazine and flipped through it. I tough looking guy came beside me and smiled.

"You one of 'em fan girls?" The guy asked me. He looked nice. He had a few teeth missing, a truckers cap and a red beard. I shrugged my shoulders.

"I just heard about them the other day, actually." I replied truthfully. The man nodded his head with a chuckle.

"You know that guy," He said pointing his grubby finger at Harry, "was seen in a town about 6 hours away yesterday."

"Really? That's neat." I played along. He nodded his head slowly then looked at his watch.

'Well, I better be off. Drive safe." He smiled. I waved at him and looked back at my magazine. After a few minutes, I decided that I should find some food. I grabbed a few doughnuts and two coffees. I walked up to the counter and swiftly gave the lady five dollars. I walked back across the street, and slid my room key through the knob on my hotel door.

"Harry! I'm back!" I yelled. He wasn't in bed. I walked swiftly to the bathroom. He wasn't in there. I started panicking and ran frantically around. I sat on the bed and gave up.











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