Road Trip (15+)

I don't know where I'm going, and sure as heck don't care. I just need to get out of this town. Get away from the constant drama. I need to live my life. I have to get away before this town devours me. Now, step aside, as I got on a heck of a road trip.


7. Ali, I...


My stomach growled loudly as I drove down the road. Harry sat there blankly, staring out the window. I looked at my GPS and it said it was almost 7 PM. I shifted in my seat and gripped on the wheel. I shoved one of my hands in my pocket and the other one was on the wheel.

"So, I was thinking we could maybe stop at a gas station, stretch and get something to eat? Then later we can stop at a motel or something?" I suggested, breaking the awkward silence. Harry nodded his head, not taking his eyes off of the window. I slumped back in my seat and let out a steady sigh.

   I stared blankly at the road. We were still in the middle of nowhere in Texas. It is going to take us a few more days to get out of Texas. Harry started humming a song while he got out his iPhone.

"Harry, does the GPS say where the next town is?" I asked tiredly. Harry leaned over and looked at the GPS.

"Errr, about 10 miles." He said sheepishly. I nodded my head slowly and stared at the road. I let out a small yawn, and scratched my back. My muscles ache, and I just want to get some food and fall asleep. I forced myself to stay awake and alert. We came into a small town and I pulled into the first gas station I saw. I jumped out of the car and stretched. It felt  so good to get up. I rubbed my eyes and followed behind Harry into the gas station. He wore sunglasses and a long sleeved shirt to cover up his famous tattoos.

"Pick out anything that you want." I mumbled into his ear. He nodded his head and sheepishly walked over to the snacks. I walked over to the refrigerated drinks, and stood there blankly. What could Harry and I agree on. I tapped my foot as I looked at all the drinks. I grabbed a giant water bottle and a Dr. Pepper. I swiftly walked over to the snacks, and grabbed a few Poptarts , and a giant Tootsie Roll. I walked over to Harry, who's hands were filled with cookies and candy bars.

"Are you ready?" he asked me tiredly. I nodded my head and we walked up to the counter. Harry smacked some cash down on the counter, and we lazily walked out.

I grumbled as I jumped into the front seat. I closed my eyes tightly, hoping for maybe a few seconds of sleep. My back hurt badly, and my stomach was tied in knots.

"Alison, you go to sleep. I will drive until I come across a decent hotel." Harry said, helping me out of the drivers seat. I slowly walked over to the passengers side. I leaned my head against the window and shut my eyes. I felt the engine roar to life, and we drove down the road. I slowly fell into a deep sleep.




"Ali." Harry said in a soothing voice, shaking me lightly. My eyes flickered open and stared at his face.

"Where are we?" I asked like a young child. Harry chuckled and helped me up.

"We are at a motel, I already paid for the room." He smiled. I instantly felt guilty and followed behind Harry. He carefully examined the doors, looking for the right room number. His face lit up and opened a squeaky door. The room was decent. It was clean...ish. I didn't care thought. I flopped down on a bed and positioned a pillow. I heard Harry chuckle, and walk over to me. I felt his hot breath on my face.

"Ali, I...." was all I heard before I fell into a deep sleep.










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