The year is 2491, and years since the pathosis haunted the Earth, killing billions of innocent lives.
But where are the last people today?
As a compromise, the people have split into two colonies, including the Surface/Unquarantined and the Uppers/Quarantined. Life seemed resolved, and better.
Venture into the footsteps and lives of two characters from two different colonies, and how they join together and try to bond the world back together again, risking various lives, including their own.


3. Trenn


I heard the glob of casserole slosh onto my metal tray, and shuddered. Our school was supposedly the 'best in the sky', but the food didn't do much to prove that. I go to school at a place called the SAP. The Sky Academy for Pilots. And as I said before, it's apparently the best.

"Mr. Morgenson! Glad to see you chose my casserole over the mystery meat!" A lunch lady named Betty exclaims, slopping on some extra casserole for the dean's son.

Oh yeah, my father is the dean and founder of SAP. The reason I'm here is totally not the food as you've probably come to realize. In fact, it's not even that I want to be a pilot. The thing is, since my dad founded this place, I'm expected to be the perfect A+ graded pilot. So of course this is why, after getting the sufficient amount of casserole needed to win over the lunch lady, I walked out of the metal lunch room doors, and into the detention room. 

I knew this room like the back of my hand. The whitewashed walls that have the Uppers' propaganda convering them, the metal desk with a snoring teacher, apperently Mr. Walters today. The floor was an old tile that had so many cracks it looked like a spiderweb, the other students slumped around me. The detention room was a cold place. So cold that after taking a few steps in I had to slide on my leather jacket. I slumped in my regular seat and sighed, the longing for adventure overwhelming me. 

See, I wasn't in here by choice. There is just so much pressure to be perfect in our world. So much talk of the great clean Uppers that have all these perfect healthy people. Which isn't true. I don't know one person that hasn't been hollowed out by guilt, the thought they should have had the plague in someone's place. The pressure to help the community, to serve, to be the hero, because that's what they teach in school. 'Everyone' can be a hero. But no, that's not true. My whole life I've been trying to be a hero in my fathers' eyes. But the nicest thing he's ever said to me is 'Thanks for doing the dishes son'. Or something like that. How can I be a hero if my own father doesn't even love me? I have no one.

All my friends like me so they can suck up to the dean, and my mother died of the plague when I was 2. I don't even remember her, or the lowers for that matter... I jump back to reality as Mr. Walters gives a loud snort in his sleep. I look around at the gang of misfits around me. None of them could ever be my friends. Sure we're alike on the outside but not the inside.

Back to buisness though, I had a plan for detention that day. A pretty good prank if I do say so myself. Slowly I reached down into my pocket and pulled out a water bottle filled with toilet cleaner, and also some aluminum foil. I had seen videos of this on the MeTv.uppers website and wanted to try it. Quietly I popped the lid off, and shoved the foil in haphazardly. The chemical reaction was supposed to make a bomb like explosion. Then I chucked the bottle at the trash can by Mr. Walters's desk. 


Yep. It exploded alright! The trash can was laying on its side with smoke coming out and the whole room stank of chemicals. 

"MR. MORGENSON. COME WITH ME RIGHT NOW! YOU ARE IN HUGE TROUBLE." Mr. Walters screamed, and I thought his toupe was gonna fly off or something.

I stood up, and as I left the room I could hear my fellow detention mates cheering me on. When I slink into the office the secretary lets me in to see the dean. My dad. 

"So Trenn. I heard you've been up to the old pranking again." He stared me down icily, and I shivered. 


Authors note- Briii


hey guys it's Bri here! I hope you liked my chapter! Trenn and Jae will have alternating chapters, with me always Trenn and vice versa.:) sorry for the short-ish chapter, but I just wanted to hurry up and post so y'all could figure out the alternating character part of this(:


already 20 views and not even a fanfic! Thanks guys! <3 

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