The year is 2491, and years since the pathosis haunted the Earth, killing billions of innocent lives.
But where are the last people today?
As a compromise, the people have split into two colonies, including the Surface/Unquarantined and the Uppers/Quarantined. Life seemed resolved, and better.
Venture into the footsteps and lives of two characters from two different colonies, and how they join together and try to bond the world back together again, risking various lives, including their own.


1. Prolouge

Whimpers are all I here around me, and I feel..


"There, there. Calm down," I pat a wet rag onto the little boy's face, trying to keep him cool.

He's out of breath, losing sight, and dying painfully slowly.

It hurts the most, seeing the smaller ones go, especially when they were just beginning a life.

The patient I am treating is number 921, a 7 year old who has undergone a strange disease contracted in the jungle forest around us. He must've digested a plant, touched one, or came in some sort of contact with it to become ill. The symptoms to the JF disease is simple, pale face, drowsiness, sulking eyes, and close to death.


Most people wouldn't want to mention death or meet it face to face.

But death wasn't strange to me, I was never frightened of it's fearful power over others.

And that is how I applied to become a nurse, a volunteer at least.

I am one of the head nurses in the southern unquarantined cities on the surface, or Earth.

Or what's left of Earth, that is.

After the pathosis, when a mysterious disease wiped out billions of humans, the world decided to do the "right thing".

Those who didn't catch the disease and passed certain tests were quarantined, and able to leave Earth's surface onto a new surface above Earth, safe from disease. They are called 'Uppers', since they are up from the Earth.

But those who weren't were kept on Earth to fend for themselves.

And I was one of them.

I unfortunately caught the disease, but was one of the few cases that lived, and now I am immune to it.

So I applied to be a nurse, I had a history in the past as a pre-med student, and knew more about the medical field than most of us unquarantines. And helping those in need without catching it myself, seemed like the perfect idea.

But I'm not here to tell you my story, of course. I'm just laying out the,


There's more to the surface of Earth than it looks.

We've barley touched the boiling point.


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