The year is 2491, and years since the pathosis haunted the Earth, killing billions of innocent lives.
But where are the last people today?
As a compromise, the people have split into two colonies, including the Surface/Unquarantined and the Uppers/Quarantined. Life seemed resolved, and better.
Venture into the footsteps and lives of two characters from two different colonies, and how they join together and try to bond the world back together again, risking various lives, including their own.


4. Jae

Carrying him in my arms was one challenge, but stepping over the rubble and random junk on the streets was another. As I dodged quickly along the streets, infected people came closer to me on both sides. Pulling out my shot gun, I aimed at their foreheads and shot several sick down. Although it seemed immoral to do it, it's better than getting sick myself.

We reached closer and closer to the hospital, it was right around the corner. I could almost reach it..

Than a sharp stab hit my back, causing me to hunch over. I cried out in pain, and turned around to see an infected person attacking me for help, spreading his disease on me.

He bit my lower left shoulder, and smirked with a sly half smile, almost saying: You're one of us now.

Surging into my blood, I felt the venom and infection crawl throughout me. I couldn't handle the pain, but I couldn't lose my brother.

I took my gun from my belt and shot the sick man, blood sputtering everywhere.

Continuing to run, I took every step harshly, my heart pounding, eyes spilling over with tears.

C'mon Jae, you can do this. Right, left, right, left..

If I didn't get Jetson to the hospital, me running over to the hospital with a fucking infection would be worthless. We would both die and all hell would break lose at the Headquarters. And to think how mom would react..

Taking another step, I saw the flash of the reflective mirrors on the hospital entrance. Pushing past the security guard in front of the door, I slammed the doors open, dropping Jetson onto a weathered out chair.

A doctor came up to me, with soft white hair, but her face starting to mutate in front of my eyes. The first phase of infection; hallucination, was starting to take place on me.

"He--he," I was out of breath and tried to resist the pain, "he touched a mutated weed, a deadly one. He needs some antibiotics as soon as possible."

I felt my face turn into a pasty pale, and bit down onto my lip to avoid the pain. I could practically feel the infection soar throughout my veins.

"Sweetie, are you alright?" the doctor asked me, taking notice of my pained face. 

She tried to observe me, but if I was found to be infected, everyone would start to panic. Especially since the infection had died down lately. 

Stepping away from the doctor, I knew I would soon be extremely ill and couldn't endanger others. I had to leave Jetson, it was the best for all of us. 

"Where are you going?" she asked, her head tilted to the side.

Picking up my pace, I skidded out the door, stopping in front of the exit.

"It's for the best," I pulled out my gun, loading it, and pressed it against my chest.

"I can't endanger anybody else."

And I pulled the trigger.




"She finally awoke."

"Where's your mask? Doctor you can't risk--"

"Shut up! It's not that .. transferrable." a twinge of caution was noted in his voice.


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