The year is 2491, and years since the pathosis haunted the Earth, killing billions of innocent lives.
But where are the last people today?
As a compromise, the people have split into two colonies, including the Surface/Unquarantined and the Uppers/Quarantined. Life seemed resolved, and better.
Venture into the footsteps and lives of two characters from two different colonies, and how they join together and try to bond the world back together again, risking various lives, including their own.


2. Jae

The brush of the rubble and gravel beneath my boots made the loudest sound possible, and running from a mutant wasn't helping me what so ever.

I was stuck in one of the city-jungles, where plants overtook a popular city and mutants from the government invaded them, claiming their own territory.

Why was I in the death hole, exactly? It's a long story.

A very, long story.

And considering I was running for my life from a mutated gorilla-hawk, I wasn't going to have enough time to explain.

The screech of the mutant made my ears bleed, causing me to wince in pain. One of the strengths of the gorilla-hawk was it's deathly voice that could deafen someone in minutes.

But today was most certainly not the day for me to become deaf, so as the mutant flew above my head, I grabbed a shot gun from my waist, and aimed at the left wing, running a bit ahead so I wouldn't be toppled by the gigantic.. thing.

I ran backwards as fast as I could, and right as I found the exact point..


I fell onto the ground, bumping into someone behind me. My head ached and I missed the mutant's target, and immediately shot for it's heart, but missed.

"What the hell was that for!" the voice behind me spat.

I turned around, finding my little brother covered in rubble with leaves sticking out of his head.

Even in 2491 little brothers could be more annoying than deadly mutants.

"I was trying to get a shot of the mutant for a sample test, the one that Professor specifically made me go out for. And I missed it. Because you were doing what you weren't supposed to be doing. Roaming the fucking CITY!" I flung my hands in the air, my face dripping with sweat and flushed a fuming red.

He stepped back and lifted his hands in defense, "Look, sorry. You'll probably get it next time."

I pushed him, "Next time? Next time that," I pointed at the flying mutant yards away, and tried shooting at it but missed, "will kill 50 people. Thanks, Jetson. Now go home."

Jetson brushed his knees and rolled his eyes, like any typical, pesky 14 year old. I started to walk towards the mainland of the city, where most of the sample tests were needed, when I heard Jetson's footsteps following me.

"What do you want?!" I snapped.

"Can I come along? I got my laser-trigger on the gun working again. It'll be good point practice for combat." he begged, his eyes huge and baby-like.

I groaned, "Fine. Just don't do anything stupid."

"I'm only 14, I'm not a baby anymore!" he yelled in response.

"Well I'm 17, and there is a clear difference between our maturity levels." I answered, the leaves and plants rustling underneath me.

He kept quiet then, and we walked several miles before I spotted a couple new plants that would be good for testing. Taking a pair of gloves and a mask from my belt, I plucked off a couple buds, stems, and leaves cautiously, making sure none of them came in contact with my skin or face. 

"Woah, look at this!" Jetson yelled from afar.

"Jetson!" I whispered sharply, "Shut up! You don't want anything to be awaken. And don't touch anything because--"

"You might get 'germs and die'." he mocked, coming closer to me, "But check out this plant I picked up!" he flashed me one of the deadliest plants in the area.

"Jetson put that down that's a deadly one!" I shuffled in my belt for some chemical killing scrub, and splat some all over his hands, "You need to be careful. That plant could kill you. We need to get back home for the nurses to have a look at your hand."

Jetson rolled his eyes, than suddenly became a little drowsy, "What do you meeean? I'---m-- fuh-fuh...inee.." 

Than Jetson collapsed into my arms, his face 10 shades lighter than before.

He wasn't so fine after all.


Authors Note-Curious

Hey guys!

So far 4 views, WOOP! L O L well knowing this isn't a fan fic, it's kind of expected for it to hit lower notes..


I hope you enjoyed the prologue and 1st chapter. I know, short, but I wanted to leave cliffhangers starving you for more. Sound cool?

In the future chapters WILL be longer. C: Better like/favorite/comment for more chapters than!

-Curious <3


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