Things Happen For A Reason....Right?

A young 18 year old girl in high school her best friend may turn into a lover? Something bad will happen with her life, but what can bring this happy young teen to brake her into tiny pieces?


7. Ch.7

Ok here is my new chappy 

xoxo Tegan


~Phone Call~

(T=Tegan & M=Mum)


T=Hey Mum.


M=Hello is this Tegan Johnston?


S=Yes, who is this?


M=I am Officer Grainger and I am sorry to inform you but your parents Anne and Peter Johnston have been in a head on car accident and have sadly died at the scene of the crash.


My phone slips out of my hand smashing onto the ground my heart begins to race as hot tears stream down my face. I feel everything going in slow motion I see Jake reach for my phone his mouth is moving but I can’t here anything he is saying. Nothing. Only the sound of my heavy breathing. All of a sudden my body becomes weak and I fall onto the hard cold concrete and everything becomes black.



I open my eyes to a bright light and an aching pain in the back of my head and my eyes are blurred by my tears. It has to be a dream, right? They can’t be dead? I slowly turn my head to my right and see Jake sitting on a chair with his hands covering his face and I can here quiet sobs escaping his mouth.  It kills me to see him like this and the thing is I have never seen him cry before he always acts like the tough guy but deep down he has a real soft spot. I look around the room to see where I am and realize that I am in the sick bay bed at school. I reach my out and touch his shoulder he lifts up his head and looks at me with his red stained eyes from crying, he gets out of his chair and makes his way over to me.


I move over so he can fit on the bed we are both facing each other with our heads together. He then wraps his arms around me feeling his muscles on my naked arms, I softly cry into his shirt leaving mascara stains all over him. He kisses my forehead and softly whispers.


“It’s ok boo, I’m always here.” His voices cracks which makes me cry harder, griping onto his shirt that is soaking up all my tears and I feel his warm hands begin to stroke my hair. “Just close yours and let sleep take over your body.” He whispers. My breathing slows down and I close my eyes letting my whole body shut down and feel sleep begin to take over my body. 


What's gonna happened next well your just gonna have to wait :P

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