Things Happen For A Reason....Right?

A young 18 year old girl in high school her best friend may turn into a lover? Something bad will happen with her life, but what can bring this happy young teen to brake her into tiny pieces?


5. Ch.5

Hope you like it guys :P


We get to Macca’s and order our food, I get a latte and a egg and bacon Mcmuffin. Jake also has a latte and a Mcmuffin but also 2 hash browns, pancakes and a large fries.


“Were are you going to fit all of that” I say, looking at his stomach.

“In my tummy.” He says, rubbing his stomach.


“Ok, we better go and you better finish all of that I ain’t helping you.” I say.


We finally get to school and period one has just finished, so we both make our way to the front office and sign ourselves into school. We make our way to our next class which is Music and we both have it together.


“We have got music now.” I say.


“Okay Dokay.” He says. We both make our way into Music class, Jake goes and sit down with all the guys and I go and sit with all the girls.


“Why weren’t you and Jake here for period 1?” Beth asks.


“Because he stayed at mine after you guys left cause I would be home alone because my mum and dad aren’t going to be here all week. We both slept in so we had to get ready quickly then we decided to go get some Macca’s for breakfast.” I say.


“You guys are so cute together, why aren’t you two going out you would be the perfect couple?” Jaz asks.


“Because we are best friends and what if he doesn’t feel the same about me?” Oh crap! I probably shouldn’t have said that last bit.


“OMG! You like him.” Yells Jaz. Everyone in the class turns around to look at her, while I just hide my red hot cheeks with my hands. I slowly uncover my face and see Jake looking at me with a confused smile; I just smile back at him.


“Jaz what the hell is your problem?” I whisper to her so no one here’s.


“I’m sorry, I got carried away. Its just you like him and you can so totally tell that he likes you.” She says.


“What, no way he doesn’t like me.” I say not believing anything she is saying.


“Yeah you can so tell by the way he looks at you, you can see it in his eyes.” She says. I stop and think about what she just said, does he really like me? Or is Jaz just over reacting?


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