Things Happen For A Reason....Right?

A young 18 year old girl in high school her best friend may turn into a lover? Something bad will happen with her life, but what can bring this happy young teen to brake her into tiny pieces?


4. Ch.4

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I woke up the next morning in my bed from the bright sun shining through the blinds. I feel breathing on the back of my neck and some ones hands around my waist I turn around and see Jake fast asleep with his short black hair falling over his tanned forehead. His eyes are closed hiding his amazing brown eyes with his soft pink lips slightly parted. His bare tanned chest slowly moving up and down in sync with his slow breathing with his bare warm hands holding onto my waist with a slight grip. I have to say he is very good looking, but whenever I am with him I get this funny feeling in my stomach and I never want to leave him. But I know he would never love me more then just a friend and I love the times like this one we have now I wish we could be something more, having him hold me close more than a friend, having his soft lips on mine… Wait, What the hell am I thinking!? This could never work or happen he is my best friend nothing more right? He might not even like me in that way and if he did what would happen to our friendship? As I think more about this I feel the bed move and his arms move from my waist, I look over and see Jake stretching his arms in the air.


“Morning sleepy head.” I say.


“Morning Beautiful.” He says with a sexy morning voice.


“How did I even get to bed last night?”


“Well, while we were watching the movie you feel asleep next to me, so I picked you up and took you to your bed, then everyone left so I came back and fell asleep next to you.” He said. Butterflies started going crazy in my stomach, they have never been this bad before it was so weird. I have also never had a boyfriend I just think there would be too much drama and it would most likely never last, that’s why I say no to being in a relationship it would just be too difficult.


“Thanks Jake, did anyone else stay?” I ask.


“No, everyone else left and also while you were sleeping your dad rang saying that they wont be home for another week so I didn’t want you to be in the house all by yourself.” He said as pink slowly rose to his cheeks.


“Aw thanks, um would you like to stay with me for the rest if the week? You don’t have to if you don’t want to.” I ask.


“Of course I would love to stay I might just have to get some of my stuff from home first.” He says.


“That’s fine, Crap! What time is it?” I ask.


“8:20 why?” He says.


“Crap, were gonna be late for school!” I yell jumping out of bed. I quickly chuck on some black short shorts (but not too short) a black singlet and a cargo long sleeve cardigan over the top. I grab my toothbrush and put some tooth paste on it and shove it in my mouth trying to brush them and put my black converse on at the same time, I then go onto my hair tying it up in a messy ponytail, I also put on a little foundation and mascara. I go grab my wallet so I can by some lunch when I get to school.


“Jake are you ready we gotta go!” I yell. I see him run down the stairs with his top on backwards and tooth paste all over his face.


“Jake you might want to fix your top and your face.” He looks down at his top and takes it off showing his toned abs; I look away quickly trying not to stare at them.


“Is it gone off my face?” he says, but he keeps missing the spot were the toothpaste is.


“No, I’ll get it.” I walk over to him and whip my thumb near the corner of his lips slowly, I look up and see him looking straight into my eyes, queue the butterflies.


“Um we might want to go we don’t want to be late for school now do we.” I say moving my hand away from his face.


“Of course not, and may I say you look beautiful, as always.” He says and winks at me, my face goes bright red.


“Why thank you kind Sir, your looking rather handsome if I don’t say so myself.” I say in a posh accent and wink at him. We both laugh and head out the door to my car and jump in.


“Do you want to get some Macca’s for breaky? We could always get a late pass if were late.” I suggest.


“Sure, but I’m paying.” He says.


“That’s fine with me I get a free meal, score!” I say. 

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