Things Happen For A Reason....Right?

A young 18 year old girl in high school her best friend may turn into a lover? Something bad will happen with her life, but what can bring this happy young teen to brake her into tiny pieces?


2. Ch.2

A/N: Hope you like the next chapter :)


Our principle comes onto stage in front of everyone an does her boring old speech about how proud she is of this school blah,blah,blah! I don’t even know why she even bothers saying anything its not like anyone even listens or cares what she has to say. Finally she stops blabbering on and now its time for our second period of school. I check my phone to see what class I have next, which is health and I have it with Matt and Rylee. I say goodbye to Jake and make my way through the sweaty crowd of teenagers to my next class.


It was finally the end of a busy day at school and time to go home, Yay! I make my way to my car, which is a red ford laser. I open the door and jump in and start my car. I plug my phone in and put my playlist on shuffle. The first song to come on is ‘Still into you’ by Paramore. I sing along to it at the top of my lungs not caring what people think. I finally get home and pull into my driveway. I live with both my mum and dad, they both usually work late so I don’t get to see them that much mostly on weekends. I make my way into my quiet house and go to my room throw my bag on the ground and take off my clothes and go into the shower. The hot water sooths me relaxing all the muscles in my body. I wash my hair and clean my body from top to toe. I turn the shower off and step out drying my body and chucking on my sports bra and green ‘Ghanda’ trackies and crash onto the couch and close my eyes. Just as I was about to fall asleep my phone goes off scaring me making my fall off the couch and onto the hard fall. I stand up and run to my room seeing who’s calling me. I see Jakes name and press answer.


~Phone Call Convo~

(T= Tegan and J=Jake)


T: Hey boo, what up?


J: Hey babe, I was wondering if you wanted to come play some footy with the boys and I?


T: Sure, were do you want me to meet you?


J: Awesome, um meet me at the park just down your street, we will all meet you their.


T: Ok see you their.


J: Bye see you soon.


~Call Ended~


Ok so your probably thinking ‘why would you want to play footy with the boys? Ew!’. But I actually love playing footy especially with the boys ;) and I could also say I’m pretty good at it. I really wanted to try out for our school team but no other girls wanted to play so they just made it an all boy team. All the boys in our group are in the footy team which makes me sad but Jake is always telling me to asks Coach Mac if I could join the team but I’m too scared to ask, don’t judge guys.


I run to my room put on a black singlet, some blue shorts and my black converse I also grab my jacket and wallet just incase. I go out the front door locking it behind me as I step outside the hot summer air instantly burning my face. From my house it takes about 5 minutes to get to the park at the end of my street. As I’m walking down the street I tie up my long brown hair into a ponytail so it doesn’t get in the way while I’m playing. 

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