~One Direction fan fiction ~


2. the text message

Ring Ring i herd as i sat up as i saw a text 
  hey miss you  i really want u to come back 
to : harry 
  i wish i could come home but i cant i got no £ :( 
  i can pick u up im my limo car and drive u to the jet we have and u could meet the guys ! 
that would be great but are u sure ? 

   love im positive i really miss you 
to : harry 
    ok great what time r u picking me up ? 

   ill pick u up in two hours and we can go shoping when we get back to london 
to :harry 
ok thats fine but first please tell me the names of the boys 

 niall the blonde one 
zayn the black hair one 
liam shaved head 
louis sexy man ;) 
harry sexxayyyy man :P 
         after that conversation i packed EVERYTHING and i mean i packed everything with hope that he could get me out of this hell hole then two hrs later there he is with roses in his hand and tears in his eyes i grabed the roses and huged him with tears then he moved his hand from my back to my ass and he squeezed i laughed and playfully punched him as i kiss his weak spot which was his neck he moaned i laughed and he showed me to the limo i stood in astonishment as if ive been to the stars but never seen this galaxy hehe get it ? no ? it was a galaxy limo now u do :) 

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