Not my world

In London, Ontario Canada all Jaime wants to do is leave but the idea of leaving her soccer team behind is to painful to think about. Jaime is a 14 year-old girl who lives for soccer, she eats, breathes and plays. Jaime is faced with challenges when it comes to friends and school but soccer is what keeps her from losing it all. What happens when something takes a turn for the worst?


2. Awake

The darkness surrounded me. I could only see darkness stretching as far as I could view. I couldn't move, I was just standing there, standing in just a black abyss. I couldn't hear anything either but I knew something wasn't right. I started to question it. Why was I here?

"Jaime... Jaime..." the voice was soft and somehow, familiar but how could it be? I didn't know anything or anyone, I didn't even know what I was called... 

"Jaime..." the voice whispered again to me. Why did it keep saying that to me?

"Because YOU'RE Jaime" I voice whispered into my head. Then like someone placed it in my head I remembered. The game, the win, the car, the pain. The black melted away and suddenly I felt a soft bed beneath me, and a continuous beeping around my head. Then I could feel the pain. It was like my someone had taken my legs and put them in a car compressor. As I went to take a deep breathe to steady my self I felt a tube in my throat and I started to choke. The beeping went faster and more often. As the beeping went faster and the pain increased in my throat i heard yelling, then I could feel the presence of many different figures.

"On three pull! One, two, THREE!" I felt the tube be taken from throat. As soon as it was out I took a deep breathe and coughed. I heard the beeping slow back down again. 

"Oh my god she's waking up..." a voice with a thick southern accent whispered quietly in awe.

"Then why aren't her eyes open yet?" a male voice replied questioningly.

"Give her time." an older voice said patiently. Slowly, very slowly, I opened my eyes and saw white. Then I lowered my eyes and saw people. Men and woman dressed in blue. Not just a blue top but a whole blue outfit. Why?

"Where am I?" I croaked out in a voice I barely recognize as my own. 

"Somebody get her mother." a woman whispers leaning over looking into my eyes. When no one moved she turned around and added, "Quickly!" and a little man hurried out the door. When he came back with a woman, pale and thin. Her blonde hair tied in a messy bun on top of her head. 

"Oh my god Jaime!" she reached down and hugged me when she reached me. I tried to lift my own arms to hug her back but the felt like they were coated in heavy metal. 

"Mum..." I whispered weakly. As she pulled away I saw just how thin she had become. Her skin was stretched tightly over her face, her arms were like sticks and the sweater she wore hung off her bony figure like clothing on a drying rack. 

"I thought you would never wake up." she whispered and smiled tightly. Tears welled in her eyes and she hugged me again. This time I used all my strength to place my arms around her as well. 

"You know that could never happen. Who would look after you then if I wasn't here?" I say back. It just makes her cry even more and she hugged me tighter. 

"I love you Jaime and I always will. I just couldn't risk losing another person in this hospital." Mum cried harder into my shoulder and I just hugged her tightly until she pulled back.

"What's the damage?" I ask nervously as the doctor  shifts his feet.

"Well you have sever damage to your spinal cord..."

"So what will happen..."

"Well according to our results... well you may never walk again." the doctor's voice trailed off as I let that news sink in. No walking meant, no running. That meant...


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