Diamonds in the Rough

What happens when you end up going to Disneyland but life unfolds right in front of your eyes? When your life comes flying upside down but in the perfect way? Well that happened to Maddy and Alli. Follow the bumpy romance of two small town girls who end up going to Disneyland for Spring Break and end up finding the loves of there life. When there life gets turned upside down but in the most perfect way. Will they crack under pressure? Will they take a sudden change in heart? You will have to read to find out what happens to these Diamonds in the Rough.


8. The Hospital

Alli's P.O.V.

Immediately we went straight to the Hospital. I absolutely hate the hospital. I haven't even told Harry that I'm terrified and why. I know i should but I'm not sure if he will understand..And plus we just meet. We finally arrive at the hospital and i'm about to wet my pants from fear. Harry helps me get out of the car. While Niall runs to get a wheelchair. Maddy just  holds my hand. She knows exactly what I am thinking. She was the only one who was there for me through it all. She was gently rubbing my hand. Niall finally came back with the wheelchair and I sat trying my hardest not to fall again. HArry wheeled me in and I was about to throw up from the nervous. Maddy let go of my hand to go check me in. Maddy gave Harry and Niall the look to go and hold my hand and tell me everything was going to be okay. Even though I knew it wouldn't. Harry was immediately on the right side of me holding my hand and Niall on my left doing the same thing. All they were saying was everything was going to be okay. They could tell I was as white as a sheet. All I was thinking the whole time was I've been in the hospital way too much in my life. Why me?! Then Maddy came and sat in Niall's lap and whispered in my ear there about to take you back are you ready? I simply shook my head no. And then a nurse walked out and said Alli your turn. Then Maddy said you better be. Everybody got up and tried to follow the nurse back to the room and she said family only. So the guys sat back down. looking really disappointed. Maddy and I got back to the room and the nurse examined me and wrote on her clipboard. And said your gonna have to have surgery. I about tackled her. Maddy just put an arm on my arm. And then the nurse walked out. I turned to Maddy she had a very stressed out look on her face. All I said was if i don't make it out alive tell Harry that he has always had my heart and will forever be my harrbear. Tell him I love him so much and that he will always be my infinity and beyond. All she said was I will and always remember I love you and if you don't make it out alive I will complete your bucket list for you. I agreed and we hugged for a long time. And then a doctor came in to take me to surgery then everything went black. 

Harry's P.O.V.

Alli went back and I couldn't go back with her. I was so nervous so I deiced to text the guys what was going on.



Maddy came out of the room with tears slowly coming down her eyes. Niall immediately huged her and you could hear muffled screams coming from Maddy. Maddy said they took her back to surgery. Then a nurse came out ans said people for Alli. We all sprang towards her and the she said do you want to hear the good news of the bad news first? Good we said. She said they fixed her foot. Bad? I ask my voice trailing off. Well... she had a sudden heart problem and we had to do heart surgery and we are still not sure if she will make it or not. I about had a heart attack. I had to sit down. All you could see was a waterfall coming from Maddy's eyes. And all she said was come with me and she pointed to me. We walked down the hall and she said okay I need you to listen to me through the tears. I said okay scanning my head for what she was about to say. Okay so Alli told me to tell you this if she didn't make it out alive she said that you have always had my heart and that you will forever be my harrbear. That she loves you so much and that you will always be her infinity and beyond. I thought it would be the best time to tell you just in case. Then she just started to ball again. All I could think about was that Alli said and then I embraced Maddy in a hug. And said thank you for telling me. And I hope that she knew I felt the same way. WE walked down the hall back to the waiting room and all i could think was that Alli sadi that she loved me and always will. Then I was close to tears thinking I want to spend the rest of my life with this girl and that I might not be able to. My eyes started to water once we made it back to the waiting room and then I saw Louis, Liam, Zayn, Perrie and Eleanor. Then I started to ball like a big baby. Louis came and embraced me in his arms. And we walked outside. Harry are you okay Louis asks. NO I'm not Louis did you hear what Alli said before she went into surgery? He shook his head no. Well she said that I've always had her heart and always will and that i will forever be her harrbear. And that she loves me to infinity and beyond. And do you know that after i found out she said that I knew I wanted  to spend the rest of my life with her.Louis was speechless. Then he said I've never heard you say that before. I'm glad you admitted to it. Then once I was done bawling my eyes out we went back inside the waiting room. Everybody asked if I was okay and I said yes. But Maddy was curled up in a ball asleep on Niall's lap. Apparently everyone got to know Maddy before she went to sleep. She probably just wanted to get away from the problem. I told the guys exactly what what I told Louis. Then the nurse came back and I immediately jumped to her and asked if she is she alive? She said yes. Then I hugged everyone and we started to talk about Alli and I. We started planning. And I knew Exactly what I am going to do when I see Alli. Once I see her next. 


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